Forumer's Power Rankings after week 1

The difference with Edmonton is Ray is a lot more durable.

And doesn't have nearly the same history that Buck has.

so if glenn, ray, printers,calvillo.. etc got hit in the head.. they wouldnt go down also? gimme a break.

buck took some big hits, took a couple horse collar tackles, got right back up with no ill effect.

i think its ridiculous that people are going on about his injury history but whatever..just gives buck more motivation to show that he can last the season.


lots of u think he wont last the season.. WHAT IF HE DOES.

then what.

but power rankings..

  1. winnipeg - 20 point win, 500 ++ yards of total offense to ticats like 210 yards. DOMINATION. most points scored in a non ot game
  2. sask - offense looked good but d looked like crap.
  3. mtl - would flip them with sask if trestman actually kicked that fg at the end of the half but their d looked out to lunch and slow.
    4.bc - edmonton sucked but robertson single handidly beat them
  4. calgary - left alot of points on the board but still enough to beat the argos
    6.hamilton - wasnt just 1 oline guy that got owned, IT WAS THE WHOLE TEAM THAT GOT OWNED.
  5. toronto - didnt look as bad as edmonton, i put them 7th cuz they were playing on the road and
  6. edmonton - playing at home and looked LIKE THEY COULD CARE LESS.

Fans are a little quick to jump on the GC bandwagon or jump off the bridge.. Edmonton had a terrible start but they aren't behind the Argos ! and Winnipeg has a kicker who is back to missing 27 yard field goals...BC has a QB who's back to making faces and overthrowing wide open receivers...

Some things are strange and interesting right now but lets at least see all teams play at home and on the road before we think Edmonton will go 2-16 and Winnipeg walk over the rest of the league ...

bombers had a long snapper who got released today who was the reason for those serna misses.

in other words, ur saying..the bombers left points on the board? yup.. give them a capable long snapper and that 49 becomes 57 and that 29 for the cats becomes 22. we all know its one game but.. fact is.. BOMBERS looked the best in week 1 from top to bottom and THEY LEFT POINTS ON THE BOARD.

Edmonton won't go 2-16, but unless things change, it could be an ugly start.

Montreal @ home, Sask and Winnipeg on the road. Those will all be tough games, and if Edmonton plays like they did last night... Yikes.

I was definitely more impressed with the Argos than I was with the Eskimos.

nah edmonton wont go 2-16 but could easily go 0-5 or 6 even to start the season.

they just.. looked awful. ray and whitlock and stamps were the only guys trying.

the oline in edmonton is brutal and the defenders cant tackle at all.

its just 1 game but still.. it seemed like they just didnt care and thats what i would be most concerned about if i was an eskimo fan

mistakes can be corrected.. the attitude tho.. takes some time.

I hate to form rankings this early in the season. I think it takes a few weeks to get personnel all up to speed and tactics refined.

This next week will definitely be a difficult one for the Riders...BC always plays them tough.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Esks and their coaching staff respond to this last game. I think that will be a big tell as to how their season will go.

Right now, though, I'd be worried if I was an Als fan. The Riders comeback was greatly helped by the Montreal D-Line sucking wind so badly in the 3rd and 4th quarters. A good running team will destroy these guys late in games if they don't improve their conditioning, IMHO.

Bombers cut Pat Macdonald and now are hoping someone can long snap either way. Playing the Ticats at home is not playing the GC champs or the Riders. The Bombers looked good but only a Bomber fan would rank them above Montreal or Saskatchewan.

first, all the QB’s you mentioned HAVE taken big hits to the head. any QB in this league will. difference is, they play smart and don’t put themselves in a position to get hit in the head often enough to do damage. time will tell if buck has learned to lessen the frequency of the big head shots…i did see him hook slide this week, but also saw him not use the hook slide more than once…and buck has had shoulder issues as well.

and if he DOES stay healthy, which i doubt he will, the bombers will be playing montreal in the east final.
i think everyone here WANTS buck to stay healthy, but the history suggests it wont happen through 18+ games this year.

Based solely on numbers (ie leaving personal feelings out)

Cumulative Ranking

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. B.C.
  4. Calgary
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Toronto
  8. Hamilton

Week to Week Ranking

  1. Calgary
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. B.C.
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Toronto
  8. Hamilton

bombers didnt cut pat mcdonald. he was a free agent and signed with montreal.

I'd rank em as:

  1. Sask
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. BC
  5. Calgary
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Toronto

Things likely will change fairly quickly, but I'm basing my rankings mostly on the strength of how good the teams were last year since we haven't seen much to get a good indication yet this year (preseason means nothing). Winnipeg had the largest margin of victory, but with Montreal and Saskatchewan being the top 2 teams last year, and playing each other in a very close game, they remain below for now.

I agree with others that I'm skeptical that Buck Pierce will last the season. The different between Pierce and some of the other quarterbacks is that he puts himself in situations where he gets hurt. He's got tons of heart, but in the past he's taken a lot of unnecessary risks for his team and subsequently gotten hurt. If he can avoid that then maybe he can prove me wrong.

I guess Lefko's a Bomber fan then...

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Long snappin' problems are already taken care of...

I disagree that he's a Bomber fan but at least with his ranking he started the teams all even which is the way it's supposed to be done. Last season and the pre-season have no place in figuring out the rankings after week 1.

LOL...but according to HFXTC's logic, he must be!

Isn't using logic and HfxTC in the same sentence an oxymoron? :wink:

Shoot…good point…what was I thinking?

Based on the margin of win, strength of opponent, and the overall performance of the offence, defence and special teams:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. B.C.
  3. Sask.
  4. Calgary
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Toronto

For the record, here's how the power rankings are calculated by the CFL:

The 2010 CFL Power Rankings is an objective measurement of each clubs' performances relative to each other.

The model used for the 2010 rankings are based on information gathered from the 2009 season. This information suggested that the four most statistically significant indicators of team success were the Quarterback Efficiency Rating, the number of Rushing Yards, the number of Field Goals Missed and the number of Sacks Taken.

To measure the effects of these four variables on a club's performance, a regression analysis was run which determined that each increase in one point of the quarterback efficiency rating increased a club's score by .233 points. Each rushing yard gained increased a club's score by .044 points. Each field goal missed decreased a Club's score by 2.8 points and each sack taken decreased a club's score by .73 points.

The equation may be written as follows: 3.9659 + (QB Rating x .233) + (Rushing Yards x .044) - (Field Goals Missed x 2.8) - (Sacks Taken x .73).

For 2010, a club's "power" will be measured each week using this equation twice: Once for its offensive score, and then subtracting the results of the equation for its opponent, for its defensive score.

Power Rankings will be weighted based on the following formula: The immediately prior week's results will be weighted 25%, and cumulative results will be weighted at 75% (except for the first week, which is based on 2009's final standings).