Forumer's Power Rankings after week 1

Based on what I saw...

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Montreal- 51 points in a losing cause is still pretty good
  3. Winnipeg-They are better with a Paul LaPo offense
  4. Calgary- Steady on both sides of the ball
  5. BC-On the way up
  6. Hamilton- Have one of three phases down pat
  7. Toronto-Good building blocks to start
  8. Edmonton- I fear for you Eskie fans... that wasn't a nice performance.

Looking forward to other people's suggestions.

1 winnipeg - won by 20 points. most dominant performance of week 1.
2 sask - lots of offencive power, but defence allowed 51.
3 montreal - similar to above.
4 bc - sloppy win in less than ideal conditions.
5 calgary - let toronto hang around way too long.
6 toronto - hung in there against a former championship team.
7 hamilton - believing their own hype, they didnt show up and got blown out.
8 edmonton - other than Ray, noone on this team cares. they just want their paychecks.

definitely not Winnipeg at #1..

they played a Hamilton team that decided to not show up.

if the Cats had actually played Friday night instead of sitting on their asses.. they could have won.

Saskatchewan is #1.

how much of hamilton's ineffectiveness was due to winnipeg's defence?
glenn didnt get much time to look down field, and all the receivers were covered. they couldnt get the ground game going at all.

winnipeg's only area of concern is the kick-return coverage.

a 20 piont win is alot more convincing than a 3 point double overtime win, in my books

give winnipeg their due for 1 week. they've earned it.

I base mine off of what I had them ranked before the games, and then I move them up or down one or two based on that.

  1. Sask
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Calgary
  5. BC
  6. Hamiliton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Toronto

and the Riders didn't earn their win? coming back from 21 pts and again by 7 to get to OT?

then winning it with 2 TDS?

I would consider that pretty remarkable, even considering who it was against!

This is bang-on IMO

[ol]- Saskatchewan

  • Winnipeg
  • Montreal
  • B.C.
  • Calgary
  • Hamilton
  • Edmonton
  • Toronto[/ol]

Can’t argue with those placements.

yep another vote for Billy's rankings.

1 - Montreal - What an offensive spectical and we all know their D had a bad night and are far better than that
2 - Winterpeg - Who'd have thought it? Solid game in all respects, just a few mistakes on special teams
3 - BC - Pretty solid game though TDs are much better than FGs and they should take note of that.
4 - Calgary - Looked ok but still couldn't bury the Argos. Some fine tuning needed
5 - Hamilton - Had flashes but that was about it. They've lost their momentum from last season but should be ready to strike next game
6 - Toronto - Showed lots of promise in a loss. Time may help them a lot
7 - Edmonton - Should be better, aren't and looked very blah.
8 - Saskatchewan - Still can't count when it counts...

  1. Sask
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. BC
  5. Calgary
  6. Toronto
  7. Hamilton
  8. Edmonton

-Montreal FELL APART in the 2nd half.
-Edmonton's offence was non-existent. Even with a Vet at QB like Ricky Ray. Had problems stopping the run
-Hamilton's defence could be the worst in the league. They were definately in week 1
-Toronto - The score was 14-13 in the 4th quarter. Couple turnovers in the 4th broke it open. Toronto's defence kept them in there. Could be the best D in the CFL. With a rookie QB it's gonna take a couple weeks to get the offence going.

i never said the riders didnt earn their win...i DO have them listed at number 2.

i just think, if winnipeg played sask today, winnipeg would win.

offence is equal, from what we saw in week 1, but winnipeg's defence is much much better.
when hamilton tried to get back in the game late, bombers defence snuffed them out, and the offence put the dagger in the ticats heart. won by 20!

sadly, we have to wait for labour-day for these 2 teams to hook up, and buck pierce will probably be on the 9-game list by then.

I'm sort of torn about the last two spots. On the one hand, I think Edmonton has more potential than Toronto, though if serious adjustments aren't made, the team could have an ugly start.

That said, Toronto's offence did manage to put up more points than Edmonton's (16-10), and Toronto's defence at least managed to keep them in the game. It was still 14-13 in the fourth quarter. But Edmonton was always down by at least 6 points. Not to mention Toronto was on the road while Edmonton was at home.

I don't know... after Week 1, I think you gotta give the nod to Toronto. Edmonton could turn things around (and I hope to hell they do), but I think Toronto showed more promise this past week.

i agree with u, chief.
edmonton has more upside, but toronto showed more after 1 game.

Buck is a great guy, good leader but will not last the season. One hit to the head or slam to the ground and he will be done. Too bad and very risky for the Bombers who have no one else to step in. They need a veteran back up. Jarious Jackson?? :cowboy:

wow, i agree with turkey. 1st time for everything.

when he scored a td, and his teammates were slapping his helmet, i was nervous that he'd fall apart right there.

Don't worry Drummer, Pierce comes with a 14 day/2 regular season bumper to bumper warrenty. Just take him back to the dealership for any necessary warrenty work and recieve a free detailing!

Or one trip barreling into a table at Commonwealth...

:lol: :lol: That was good.

It's funny how everyone thinks buck is gonna get injured, when teams like Hamilton alllow 7 sacks, bc and edmonton have non existant olines, Toronto, I don't even know what they r doing there..