Forum Upgrade

Forum Members,

On Wednesday morning we will be upgrading our forums and moving them into the new architecture. The benefits of this move will be improved site functionality and a more seamless experience between and the message board. We hope this move will make discussing our League easier over the long haul and we welcome your feedback on the new setup. Thanks and enjoy the road to Grey Cup.

CFL Communications

Is the [img] tag coming back any time soon?

Well - the forum upgrades are now complete.

If you’re seeing things looking kind of odd (as in a mix of the old and new), I’d recommend you clear your browser cache and reload the page.


As always ... the "Upgrades" mean it takes twice as long to load.

Can't we just leave good enough alone rather than wasting our time on C R A P.

Looks nice -- just worked a whole lot faster the old way.

What kind of POS are you running, zbest, because it loads fine for me?

The Fanzone tab covers the board index tab on my page.. and that is very annoying..

I'm not having any problems with it.

Just I wonder why it seems almost every webpage in existence has to change its cosmetic appearance frequently.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it; unless there's a crying need for make-work projects for IT guys and gals.

.....a change is as good as a rest i suppose MadJack.....but i really was't that tired of the old look... :wink: :roll:

As nice as the new look is, as well as the links being easily accessible, it would be nice if images could be posted and we can create our own avatars.

I'm referring to the 1/4 second pause between it loading the template and loading the content and figuring out where to put everythin.

Maybe it's IE, maybe it's some scripting, maybe it's got something to do with it's cache -- don't know -- but it wasn't there before. The pages loaded quicker on the old site.

It's an attempt to pack in a zillion extra features that nobody uses -- forcing everybody to upgrade everything to keep up. I just personally think the whole thing is a waste of time, energy, and money -- but that's just my opinion. The rest of the world is willing to pay the price for all that extra garbage and those that don't want it are left to suffer.

I'll direct you to this thread regarding use of the [img] tag.


I can confirm that this is currently happening on one of my installations of Google Chrome.

I hope you’re used to it. This is especially common when a new operating system comes out. The powers that be will jump up and down to make their site look like it’s integrated with Windows 7.