Forum Transaction Summary July 22nd

Just so we don't lose track of all the transactions on the forum this is a brief summary:

We have cut Anderson, Maas, Lumsden, The Announcer, Stripes and I think Zenstate (couldn't find that thread)

We have either started or benched Maas, Chang, Williams

We have lost Lumsden to the NFL or not?

The coaching staff is inept, improving or right on schedule with the team.

And I think I had Timmy Chang drinking Mai Tai's in the crossword puzzle?

Did I miss anything?

All in fun :lol:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA..... But seriously, Stripes deserved to get cut. Guy's got no hussle.

That all sounds about right.

How can you forget Wayne Shaw?

I already did. Thanks for reminding me...

that announcer really does need to be ''cut'' he sucks and he has the stupidest nicknames

for example:

jesse ''rumblin tumblin'' lumsden

sandy ''cool'' beveridge

I heard the announcer over the television broadcast against Montreal. Is there a more irratating announcer in the league?

I don't know what the Tiger Cats organization sees in that type of delivery.
He sounds like a 12 year old that got a microphone for his birthday

It seems like all the teams want a bit more from the annoucers the guy in Edmonton sounded quite annoying too.