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Steve, mainstream just refers to what the masses consume the most because of the ease of access and availability. Nowadays, there are literally thousands of sources of alternative media on the Web and Youtube. Some are very credible and others are not. Many alternative media channels on Youtube are started by previous mainstream journalists who became disenchanted with their previous employers for forcing them to spew out propoganda and hypocrisies that they did not agree with.

The truth is out there but you have to search for it yourself.

You could be right Krisiun, but if appeal to the masses is the criterion, then Fox News, with the highest cable news ratings in the USA, should be considered the ultimate mainstream network. But they aren’t, and many of their viewers (I know quite a lot of them) use the term quite disparagingly to refer to other networks with fewer viewers. Odd.

I agree you have to search for the truth yourself. It’s not easy to do these days, with so many sources to choose from, and so many of them with notably slanted editorial stances. Getting information is easy; sifting through it and deciding what is true is a greater challenge. When we do so, we each bring our own perspective into the decision.

I don’t think you can “opt out” of being MSM just because you’d prefer to be perceived as something else. Any more than declaring that your reporting is “fair and balanced” actually makes it so.

I always think of MSM as traditional journalism organizations with paid reporters and editors, who aim to sell their content (via subscription or advertising) to a large audience (local, national or international).

Non-MSM would typically be web-based these days, and would not typically have teams of journalists that they assign to cover a broad range of stories. More likely to be targeting a niche audience, more likely (on average) to have a narrow focus, and a strong slant or agenda. Also more likely by far to publish knowingly false info, aka “fake news”.

And BTW, if you feel you need to verify everything you read through personal research, you are reading the wrong sources. In a football context, if you read that Player X has a broken leg but you are so skeptical that you need to go to the hospital and ask for medical records, I would suggest that you stop reading that reporter or publication.

Well said, ExPat.

You can literally look up thousands of videos that definitively prove how CNN and MSNBC knowingly falsified and doctored stories to fit their narrative. Find out who the owners of these so called news outfits are and what their end game is all about. Reasearch has shown their stories to have an approximate 95% negative slant against all conservative and non-radical left ideologies. Their agenda is as apparent as can be.

Steve those number are misleading. Fox is the only news station with a conservative slant so they will get the entire 50% of the population’s conservative voters. All the other stations with leftist reporting end up splitting their 50% viewership across many networks. So their numbers will appear lower than Fox News.

One person’s “radical left? is another person’s “centre?.

I’m gonna guess your “middle of the road? would be a lot of people’s “hard right?.

Conservative media/news is a relatively new phenom. I’m old enough to remember a time when just about all editors and columnists were admitted liberals.

Yup. That’s how it goes. Great way to shift the goalpost by the way.

Interesting word origin. The Latin word for left is “sinister”.

Fair enough. Thing is, I would think that 100% of 50% is surely enough to qualify as mainstream.

Mainstream; fake news; soy boy; radical left; non-radical left; alt-right; politically correct; NPC (a new one to me); snowflake; populist; elite (dare I say it?)… All loaded terms that obscure at least as much as they illuminate. Most often used, it seems, in a negative way, and about somebody else.

I honestly don’t know what that means.

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In all honesty it never really had anything to do with the forum, team or football in the first place .

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Though I’m certainly not interested in politics ::), it would seem to be a 1st amendment/ 5th amendment discussion . Free speech versus I wish I was smart enough to stop incriminating myself but I’m not . So I’ll listen to my lawyers, maybe ???.
Here is where the Americans are in the real/ fake news argument . On Dec 14, 2012, 26 children and staff were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Media coverage was extensive and yet the fake news people would have their followers believe that this atrocity never happened . It was all fake, in order to make the NRA and the gun lobby look bad .

Truth is truth . Most people “get it” . A vocal minority don’t and never will .

Pat Lynch ( the old guy)

8)Oh, they still are !! Haven’t seen a newspaper, editor, or any columnists that aren’t all

left wing liberals or democrats !! ::slight_smile:

Agree, why are the mods not enforcing their rules on here ?? Like no political talk at all ??
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Bringing this back to Football talk . You want to talk about Fake News , you know what is Fake News ? The Stamps actually winning the 2014 Grey Cup !!!

Because we all know who actually won that game , now don’t we ?? :’( ???