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I’ve never heard the term NPC at all. What is if supposed to mean? Never heard of soy boy either, but it sounds like maybe it’s intended as an insult.

I’ve heard alt-right used both in a pejorative way, but also as a description of people rather far to the right, by people not intending any insult, and even by people on the right to describe themselves.

I agree. I find it like many shortcuts… lazy, a facile substitute for actual critical discussion.

Truth is truth . Facts do matter! Some people choose the New York Times or the Washington Post, while others pick Fox News. The truth will always set you free.

Pat Lynch (the old guy who supports his local paper)

(heard it used by both sides actually, stands for “NonPlayerCharacter” referring to characters in video games who only have a few set lines of dialogue, and are only there to give playing characters very specific info.

refers to someone who only spews preformed rhetoric rather than responding to whats going on in front of them)

Ahh, I see. I don’t play video games so it’s new to me. Thanks.

From your last sentence, it sounds like it would refer quite well to someone who cries “Fake news!” in response to a disagreeable comment or unpleasant revelation.

Interesting takes on media. I always thought the term meant exactly what it says. Fake news. There really is a lot of genuinely fake news even in main stream media. Pretending an item is reported news rather than an opinion piece is a big problem not just at the CBC or FOX.

No, there isn’t. Most people of reasonable intelligence are able to discern the difference between opinion and factual reporting. In neither case is it “fake news.”

I always took “fake news” to refer either to satire (not truly intended to fool people, just make them laugh - Jon Stewart proudly used this term), or to maliciously written stories coming from unnamed sources that are intended to mislead.

As noted above, the US president uses the term to refer to any piece he doesn’t like, whether it is accurate or not. This is a more recent usage of the term (and obviously an incorrect usage) that I don’t recall hearing previously. Ironically, he once claimed, incorrectly, to have invented the term “fake news”.

Sadly, yes.

There is a lot of fake news being represented as fact by MSM.

The media have always had left or right leaning slants. Forever.

Like everything else, there are more than two sides to every story. People have to take the time to educate themselves on what in fact, is true. Some people are like sheep and believe everything that the “bubble headed bleached blonde” puts on the radio or television.

Media outlets have now taken it to another level and government supported (funded) media outlets should only tend to make this worse.

As for this forum…it’s opinion. Nothing should be considered as fact. We all have them, opinions that is. As for facts, do your own research. You might learn something.

Great post, hendy77.

We all have something else in common. The thing with both opinions and the anatomy in the adage, is that they can both backfire embarrassingly…

Unless the material in this forum is “all opinion” and not just “opinion” there is fact in it to be considered. As a matter of fact there has been plenty of facts written into hundreds of the postings.
Player signings, coach firings, game results etc. etc. etc. For years fans have been getting facts here.

Your opinion of much of the information offered by many others on this forum is skewed so unlike Krisiun, whose of the opinion that your post is “great”, I will take your recent posting on this thread with a grain of salt, until you prove it’s all factual. That’s what you expect of all we readers, right?

It’s a long story, which you can research, but it’s been long believed by credible people that opinions in their place, can be as important as fact.

FWIW I am also of the opinion that media have always had left or right leaning slants.

According to Wikipedia: Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media.

The part that I agreed with in hendy77’s post is that there may be fact in those opinions on forums and journalism but if you want to be 100% sure then you need to fact check and educate yourself. Every single credible source has been wrong occasionally. Even Grover. :wink:

I think this happens on the forum - the phrase does not come up in the better discussions on here but did come up in the more divisive threads. It certainly never moved the debate / discussions along in an interesting way.


The colour and presentation of an item or even the choice of which stories to run can be slanted in a deliberate way and have been for a long time. Recent mainstream networks report non or inconsequential stories in a way that fuels partisan divides rather than inform, and that is fake news.

Bang on Garney. Mainstream media, advertising and now social media easily influences the sheep in a population. Luckily this social engineering only works on about half the population.

…And the rest continue to drag their knuckles…

Yes that is correct. People who have traditional family values and desire freedom and individual thoughts are indeed knuckledraggers.

Time to hit the reset button.

“Mainstream media” is a term, like “fake news”, often used to disparage, in this case a news source rather than the news item itself.

I’m not sure what makes a media outlet “mainstream”, other than being disliked by the person using the term. It was once perhaps a reference to the high volume of the outlet/network audience, but that doesn’t appear to be the main measurement now. Fox News, for example, has one of the largest audience levels in tv news in the USA, but it doesn’t describe itself as mainstream, and its viewers certainly don’t refer to it that way.

Handles like these seem to be intended mostly to convey disapproval.