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Since it’s been getting sprayed around left right and center on the site lately, I’ve gotta ask…

Does anyone else find the term “fake news” to be as infuriatingly lazy as I do?

I have to agree, plus, what exactly does it mean? That I don’t agree with what the other person is saying? That the other person is lying? That the other person has put spin on the story that I don’t like? All of the above? And of course, does it have to be said with that fish-like pouty mouth of our American neighbour who, if he did not coin the phrase, has certainly escalated its use? ::slight_smile:

Just as confused!

So THAT'S what happened to our cheerleaders!!! . :o

Post of the day!!!?

Not fake news.

It’s just a lame way of saying misinformation.

I think it’s more a lame way of saying, “I don’t like the news/information”. The information itself may well be correct. In fact, it often is, which is why the complaint is made, as a way of criticising, however ineffectually, unpleasant facts.

No I think Canadianfootball has it right. It’s a popular phrase thanks to the Donald and it’s getting a lot of wider use than it’s original intent.

The original intent was to denigrate journalism and the free press. The orange faced politician paints everybody with this label if they disagree with him. It seems to appeal to his followers who can neither read nor write.

Pat Lynch ( the fake reverse, fake punt guy)

Getting political. Thread locked in 3-2-

In reality it was social media slang term for untrue information dressed up as a media report.

N American mainstream media then co opted the term in its anti Trump agenda for his tweets or press releases

Trump then took the term to embarrass said media in return.

Since media is unable to reclaim it for its intended purpose…POTUS still uses it thus the belief it originated with him.

Why can’t we all just say things like… “I disagree with that report and/or paper write-up, and here’s why”? Someone saying “fake news” is really just saying they have no argument. Just an “opinion”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Calling it “fake news” puts the other side in a defensive mode.
Which works right into your trap.

Its genius and evil at the same time…but something definitely not toward the persuit of any truth.

As opposed to the NPCs who elected our soy boy PM?

Is this a joke? Didn’t think I’d find the alt-right on here.

Alt-right is another term that is thrown around way too much. Many use it to describe virtually anyone who is right of centre.

Yeah. Like anybody who voted for Harper is alt-right. ::slight_smile:

I’ve never seen or heard the term soy boy or NPC outside of alt right circles. In fact, never heard any one actually use those words in the real world. Seem to only appear on Twitter/Reddit/4chan,and other alt-right online hangouts.