Forum still in preseason?

Granted over the last few years there have been some "low levels" hit in the banter - but is it just me or do things seem almost too polite on the forums? Now I am not calling for some of the mud slinging of years past but the forums seem to be missing some of the Team Spirit ( you know - my team rules yours sucks kinda thing ). Just seems as though forum fans are still in preaseason form lol. A rider win last year would have resulted in 10 pages analyzing each play and call and how it impacted the game outcome. It's all nice to see a politer forum but we need a little of Franks Hot Sauce to liven it up. Either that or some more Turkey posts or RLR banter :cowboy:

...RLR would only post when his Leos won games, and crawled back under the rock he was hatched under never to be heard from again after the Stampeders beat the Lions senseless last year....'s that?...

I was out of country last fall so missed the last few games banter - I can imagine. I was referring to the overall tone - it's much more respectful then last year but still missing that Al Bundy "my team will score 4 TD's" type of banter lol

My team WILL score 4 touchdowns! We just need the other team to give us 16 turnovers. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry to disapoint, I really don’t have anything against other teams or fans. We’re all out there for the same reason and at the end of the day want to see a good game. Particaularily if the Lions win.

The new page is so terribly constructed, those with IQs less than 50 can't find the forums anymore?

Maybe most of the fans feel their team has too many question marks to be sticking their necks out?

This is very true. Now RedWhite2005 that was a classy rival!He would talk smack all week but eat crow when he was wrong. I miss those days


Besides, CFl fans are the most intelligent on the planet. Everyone knows that just ask Don Cherry.

Where'd he go anyways? Did he get the big heave-ho or what?

No, no. He's still around. Red is right. He was doing a lot of trash talking when the Lions beat the Riders in the West Semi-Final, but he fell off the face of the Earth when they lost to the Stampeders. Considering how poorly his Lions played last week, I'm not surprised we haven't seen him. He might come by this weekend if his Lions lay a beating on the Ti-Cats.

I don't even see the Lions beating the Cats on Friday. The Lions looked real bad in pre-season against Edmonton, since the departure of Murphy and Razoli washing off all the Grease in the Riders hot tub, there O-line looks real weak . I hope Buck can withstand the Punishment the Lions may be using their 2nd and 3rd string QB's a lot this year.

Whatever happened to RLR? Just curious..

I was asking about RW05. I think you thought I was asking about RLR … in which case, you’ve just answered Sambo’s question.

Oh. My bad. Yeah, RW05 is no longer with us...

Damn! Good night sweet prince...................


I didn't see this before I posted my question.. :oops:

As for redwhite2005, you can find him over at 13thman...

After a Hamilton win and some winless Stamps and Leos with some undefeated Riders, the forum is back to mid-season form again. No more of this nicey-nicey crap. Bring on the smack.

i could get mean but I'm sure I'd get b& pretty quick. So since I won't use all of what I have in my folders, I'll play nice. :stuck_out_tongue: