Forum Site Problems

I am a new member to this forum and possibly like a number of other out there I had tried in the past to register but ended up on a computer loop to no where. I think I tried a number of times to register with no success. I was a member years ago and had forgotten my username and password etc. I figured the system keep a file of old usernames, passwords and emails and if things did not agree or if the membership was too old you got put into this computer loop. I findly got a whole new idenity, username, password and email - that even took a couple tries to succeed. I tried to find somewhere to email on the site with no success. Still not sure how I was successful in registration, figured the system may take some time to update the information - I just don't know

Even now I sometimes have problems logging in.

It is a great forum, just wondering if others have had problems and how they found a fix.

V you are not the only one.
Please see the off Topic section there are several postings including mine.
Like you I was on for many years and tried to re register like we all had to.
Very poor handling by the league and their provider as they could not help me out and frnakly my emails were not accepted.
Finally I presume like you, I had to register with a different name and account.

I have to log in twice every time I want to post on this forum. It loses my login info every time I exit the forum. Having to login twice every time is a real pain is the arse. I'm just about ready to give up on this forum and post elsewhere. :thdn:

Here is the relevant thread on the matter to help, and this matter ought be moved Off-Topic too I would think right?


Here is an overused corporate cliche` of the new decade already, and tell me you have not heard this at work or at some bank or other business that has gone through a merger or acquisition: "seamless transition."

Those words and other corporate BS come with the territory whenever we hear the dreadful words "site re-launch" or "software upgrade."

Given how often such words of horsecrap are uttered, and as rightful retribution for all our customer service ills since about the late 1990s when it all started to go to high crap even onshore, right then and there we ought be allowed to kick the mindless chanting messenger's butt I say. :cowboy:

All the same it's too bad some folks have had such a hard time on this matter just because they happened to type in information that some computer did not accept, but all the same as explained in that other thread reference Jett has done a great job to help many folks.

Compare the job he's done as described in the feedback, granting of course fewer folks are doing their jobs any more rather than just showing up at work, to what we get as the norm anymore otherwise for customer service. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

And in case you are a wondering wisea**, I typed this message during my lunch. :rockin: