Forum question?

What makes you guys like this forum so much?

I was a member of the orig ticat forum ... their 'gameday' chats were my fave

What makes the board now?

[I wud say ... drummer .... but only because he rocks!]

thanks! :cowboy:

doing your monthly recruiting for 13thman and CFLzone??

i've just been scrolling thu cflzone looks too much like the ticat forum to me....same conversations with the same people....2/3rds of the conversations are about the ticats.

ur welcome … I admit I am a Zone-r … 13th is a “cartoon site”

In spite of my own beef with a few of the mods, 13thman is still the best there is, along with Lionbackers.

I personally am mostly here because I am no longer at 13thman but would also be here some because there are some decent posters here who do not post at 13thman, for whatever reason.

U ever tried … the Zone?

I disagree. The best place is right here!

Yes RO the best place is here. 13thman is mods police possessed. If you can imagine nothing negative against the No Fun League is allowed on the alleged CFL thread.

Well ... I cannot disagree with that ... just sayin that I am a Zone-r

For Esks related talk, is the best!

I haven't checked out the others. I spend far too much time here. If I went to others, Mrs Sportsmen would wonder what I do all day!

So, should we be going to 13th man? :?


I refuse to answer on the grounds it may "intimidate" me


Or anwsering the question asked in the original post of this thread... whichever you choose! :rockin: