Forum Problems

I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing the slowness of the board yesterday and today. I just hope that “corrects itself” by game time Sunday. I really enjoy watching the game and, at the same time, reading the forum comments by “you people” on my ipad.

Also, has anyone else noticed that often, after the post counts stop incrementing, within a few hours, the board crashes. It might be too late though if the computer server is on auto-pilot.

Then again, maybe the CFL gnomes don’t care since the majority of posting is done by TiCat supporters. ::slight_smile:

***I just noticed that there is another thread on this on CFLTalk:Come on Mods - get this board working. Seems they won’t be fixing this until after the GC game…


Outside my realm, but it is a complicated fix. Any site suffers with too much traffic. Hopefully the game day thread functions well today!

Appreciate your response regardless. Thanks.

It’s about money. If you are willing to pay a provider such as AWS for elastic load balancing, your site should never crash due to excessive traffic. But nobody wants to pay for a service they rarely need, especially for the sake of a site like this forum that generates no direct revenue, and is also subject to occasional surges in traffic not related to legitimate use of the site.

I read earlier that the site had been attacked by a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service).
Essentially, the site is overloaded by automated bots that freeze the server.

The Russkies are on the loose?

“Marge, where is my tinfoil hat”?