Forum priorities?

IN ticat forum, there is forum guidlines at the top in an announcement section.

in the main forum here, the guildlines are burried lower down

in the lions forum which functions just like the ticat forum, through, I can find no guildlines??

Are the powers that be favouring the ticats because of the relationship between MRX and the ticat owner?

Just asking.

Actually, I’m fairly certain that the guidelines were not done by any MRX staff - nor does MRX participate in moderating the forums, thats generally left up to the league / clubs.

thanks. that would explain the quildlines not existing on the bclions forum, but the guildine in CFLtalk should also be at the top under announcements, just like in ticats. You can do that cant yuo. It was at the top in a different secion before. And you can create announcement sections cant you, so that they can copy guildlines to bclions?

I did it for you FYB

thanks BS, way to go. And thats no BS :thup: :slight_smile: :rockin:

I always thought the guidelines were at the top... Did they get knocked down and no one noticed? :lol:

billy fixed it. should see them all at the top under announcements.

Looking forward to the return of the stickies section.

Everything is a friggen conspiracy to you isn’t it FYB?