Forum Poll: Favourite Times To Press The Abort Button

What are your favourite times to press the ABORT button at home or at work?

I certainly hope the CFL does not have to do so come a few weeks from now for 2021, but when it's time, it's time. :neutral_face:

Pick Two

Favourites Times To Press The ABORT Button
  • When Her Phone Rings and It Is Her Mom or Her Sister
  • Whenever Your Dog Runs Away From You
  • When You Are Driving In A Parking Lot and Somebody Cuts You Off For a Parking Space in A Very Crowded Lot
  • People Who Stop At Yield Signs Even When There Is No Traffic
  • When You Flush The Toilet and Flush Again, But The Load Just Down Not Go Down
  • When The Cat Jumps on Your Bed Every Morning
  • That Garbage Truck Arrives Very Early One Morning or On a Saturday
  • You Upgrade Your Software on Your Device, and Then Less Than a Day Later Are Told To Do It Again
  • You Are Directed Again To Download An App To Do Something That Is Already Easy To Do With or Without Your Phone
  • Political or Charity Phone Calls
  • You are Hunting or Fishing in Peace Out Far Away from People and Some People Walk Up and Ask You If You Have Seen or Caught Anything

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I want to abort my aging

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I had a cat when I was 11 - 13. He was my best friend. I wish he was still around to jump on my bed every morning. He usually slept on my bed all night by my head.

Does anybody here have an ABORT button somewhere?

At work there are a number of these, but we are not allowed to press them.

No, for those with imagination, I don't work in a nuclear facility.

This post looks like it must be aborted soon.