forum pictures

How do I get a picture to go on my profile on here, for example Captainkirk has Kevin Glenn?


At the top right of this page click on USER CONTROL PANEL.

Then click on PROFILE,

then click on EDIT SIGNATURE

and type in the the URL of the picture you want to use, surrounded by the {url} and {/url}, each surrounded by square brackets [ ], instead of the brackets that I just used in this example


Yeah!Thanks Captain Kirk,I didn't know how to do it either.

Thanks a lot Captainkirk!

move the "[/url]" at the very end.

I personally suggest putting the URL of the image in between [ img] and [ /img] (except without the spaces between the first bracket and "img".) If you leave your cursor over the button that says "IMG" in the place where you can modify your signature, you'll see an example of how that is done.

This way, we'll be able to see that image in your signature.

Guys I tried all this and still no go ! is there a step left out?

The 'img' code works for me.

After you get to "edit signature", enter this into the box and click submit ...


IMPORTANT!!! instead of using the bracket style which I have used to enclose 'img' and '/img' , you must use the square brkt.
These ones ------>

thanks laughinghard i am going to have some fun with this!

im familiar with BBcode from other forums but my sig doesn’t work… i put the link between [img] [/img ] though…?

ah the attach sig by default option was switched off.. got it now :thup:

hey thanks laughinghard, i had trouble with the URL one, but the image one worked. thank a bunch Captain Kirk and Laughinghard for your help! :slight_smile:

Boy are we lucky he is not our latest test at GM :lol: he lika de women!