Forum new post counts

Except for march and april, each month this year is down from same month last year.

Sign of things to come?

But, but everyone is so polite and NO ONE HAS AN OPINION that is contrary so I don’t see why it isn’t going up.

It’s wonderful world where everyone is right all the time. LA LA LA, LA LA

It’s been sung by many musicians in the past…

The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone away
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone away

I think if you really want to make this meaningful you should count individual posters and compare. I think those # are way up in the last month or so.

of posts are irrelevant. In the not too distant past we had guys fill up pages with posts basically to themselves.

Think that is still happening today.


…have any


…of that


Well, CflSteve comes quickly to mind. . .

Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. thank you

…I’m here all week, try the veal

…I guess the thing that astounds me are the sheer amount fo posts that some folks have amassed over time…Hfxtc at over 39K, amazing!..or look at redwhite2005, still sits ninth on the all time list and he was banned almost ten years ago…

it would be interesting if the site kept stats on how many different posters posted each month and year.

Number of posters registered doesn’t really mean anything because a lot sign up but never post and many poster stop posting.

yeah but 90% of that is complaining about the refs or how the league is against the ticats :slight_smile:

Ah, redwhite2005, I had forgot about him. He was a character.

The posts are probably down because of that political site that was banned and Tim Horton Stadium finally got built.

How does someone manage to get banned from this site? Seems almost impossible. Did he try to kill someone?

…different era, different time, men were men and respected their ban even if they disagreed with it, beer was $1 a bottle and peanuts were free, and you threw the shells on the floor…

Easy, bring back KevinRiley2.