Forum name

Probably want to change it now.

The should just rename it to


(For Rough Riders)

I agree on that note.

Done :thup:


Now they just need a site to go with it!

True. I saw their .com site. It's in it's infancy but it's there.

Just wondering.... do they develop a .ca site as well? Or will the .com site be able to be rolled into the site? Maybe the .com site is just a temporary thing; but all other CFL team sites have a .ca URL.

Any of you know about this?

and the site is now up...and...yikes..uhh...needs a little work.

Mr. Hunt, get on the phone with Bob and get a website. Also, you may wish to consider providing a link to here.

[url=] ... mit=Submit[/url]

The only thing they need to do now is provide some RedBlacks avatars for posters signatures. All the other teams are there and some miscellaneous ones too but no Redblack logos yet.
The Ottawa site "Renegade Nation" is still the "Renegade Nation" and looks like they have no plans to change it even though the discussion forums are about the RedBlacks.

boo redblacks
boo redblacks
boo redblacks

just practicing :wink:

The chant I heard is one that rhymes with a certain offensive word in Quebec

I am guessing that word is either

english or
canada or

This would be funny if any of these three words actually ryhmed with the words Red, Black, Rogue or Noir. Here's a hint, it's a term used to denote a religious dwelling.

beats me :?

It's a French curse word. That rhymes with black. And starts with "Tabar..." or sometimes "Taber..."

RedBlack, Taber...

ahh, I see. I looked it up. very interesting.

Just for BC fans - "Osti de tabarnac de calice"

I expect it will be a simple revision of the old Carlton fans' Gee-Gee chant at Panda Games -- WTF's a RedBlack?!

Not only that, but the Carleton fans' chant too.

And speaking of the Panda Game, is there any talk of reviving that now that the Ravens have a football team again?

Yep! October 5th at U. of O.'s new field.

[url=] ... 76&tid=all[/url]

Carleton's new stands are coming along nicely too. I go by them on my way to work. No more mutant insects growing in the jungle that was under there. :? Press boxes have just gone up.

Cool! Thanks for that update. I have plenty of fond memories of (mostly drunken) Panda Games.