Forum Name

To my friends ar CFL.CA, I have been having problems with this site as somehow my site name: Niagara Als does not appear as my site name. I used to go by the name: hassall ,but, changed this a year ago to Niagara Als. I have notified of this several times and, they have in past, responded appropriatedly to my request. To my dismay I noted again that my site name is once more hassall and, I will have to, once more, ask the site manager to secure my ID as Niagara Als. I have missed out on a private message because of this. Last Summer I even contacted the Alouette office of this problem. I don't know how many people are needed to screw in a lightbulb?

I, too, Niagara, have had problems with this site. Every now and then (more frequently over the last year), I get a "forgot your password?" screen and have to submit my username, e-mail reactivate my account.

Let's face it, there are simply not that many fans who contribute to this forum; it ought, therefore, to be more than manageable. I think they ought to do everything they can, including making sites like this work trouble-free, to promote football and interest in the sport. As I have posted umpteen times in the past, football doesn't get much attention in this country. I sure hope that changes some day. For - please fix this site! Thanks.