Forum Missing Link => The Secret Garden?

Usually I link to the sign-in page via the CFL main page, but alas, it appears the link there to our treasured forum is gone!

So now what happened?

Are we in trouble again?

I suspect that Mike Smith again and his challenges with grooming and personal hygiene.

Or is it some other politician to blame again?

Help please!


I saw this today as well on my computer at work. “Forums” was removed from the main page of the website. No problem on my phone though.

Let's get @sully on the case!? Yes me too via Windows and Chrome!

Somebody is being sneaky again!

Having to sneak in via the back door now, I was wondering when this would pop up in the forum. Now I have to click twice instead of once! Will horrors never cease? My life is so hard😁.

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Hmm. I'm guessing we got bumped for the gamezone, if that's a new addition.

this stupidity from this site does not surprise me.

This calls for action! Boycott the Gamezone! Boycott the Gamezone! We demand our link!

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Damn, it's not as if there is a limit on pixels or digital characters on the home page. All they have to do is put the link back perhaps under the ... - it's not like our "Secret Garden" here needs the publicity.

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Perhaps this is the CFL's polite way of saying that they are not interested in making sure that all stadiums are domed and they have no intention of putting a field in any Home Depots.


NOW I finally understand what CFL actually stands for...

Conceal Forum Link



Hi Matt. Have a look at this thread. There doesn't seem to be a direct link to the forums from the main page anymore. I think it got bumped for the Gamezone link, but it would be nice to have it more visible.

Capital Dave, do you know if they are working on a fix? It is pretty ridiculous that has everything you could possibly want except a link to the forum. It's a brand new season and how are newcomers supposed to find and join the forum? They need to fix this ASAP.

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It's SuperBeaver to the rescue!

You can copy the link and create a shortcut on your desktop or bookmark it in your browser if you like.

Up Up and AWAYYYYY!!! (mighty tail slap)


I haven't heard anything. But Matt might not see this shout out until business hours tomorrow.

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Maaax that's a great workaround for current forum members. However if a newcomer goes to the homepage they won't even know that a forum exists. We want more people to join and grow this great CFL community. How are we going to do that if there isn't even a link on the main page? The website admins need to fix it right away.


It's been moved INTO the Game Zone link. To get there you have to click on three dots (...) then click on the 'Game Zone' link AND THEN along the top you'll see the 'Forums' link.


A forum link doesn't even exist in the drop-down menus - you have to click on Gamezone to even realise the forum exists.

I can only assume @EZ_Football has told all his friends about the the place and the website admin team is now trying to frantically throw them off the scent.

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I knew it had something to do with scent. It's all my fault. Beavers smell pretty bad until they dry out (like wet dogs only worse... and the stink weed I'm using for floss isn't helping).

Porkypines aren't much better, & the stink weed I'm smoking isn't helping😉.

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I have had the link in my favorites for many years.

Didnt even know there was an issue