Forum link

From time to time when using a laptop and visiting I have difficulty locating the link to the forums. Sometimes it’s at the bottom of the page, sometime under one of the headings up top. Right now I can’t find it.
I am on the mobile version and had no problem finding it.
As any one else had this issue?
Thanks for the help and feedback.

Go under the NEWS tab on the main page and it is at the bottom of the right column.

Thank you. So they do move it around lol

No link though from the CFL chat forum to the CFLmain page ?

This has kind of piqued me for some time now. It requires having two separate bookmarks.

IMO It would be good to be able to click on the CFL moniker on the top of the forum page and go to the CFL main site .

You should be able to go back and forth from the main site with ease .

Not that it’s hard to do without it ; it’s just convenient and coordinated seamlessly if you link them up to go back and forth .

You’re right! Right now the CFL logo and “HOME” both take you to the forum index. The CFL logo should take you to CFL.CA.

Sully remarked about this, after our appeals, years ago when the overhauled CFL site launched.

Apparently the fix is not an easy one and was deferred indefinitely for other projects including bugs on the new site.

Usually that means for sure maybe or practically never, but maybe someone with a closer connection can pass word?

Still salty about this