Forum Guidelines

By posting or using the forum threads on this website, you must agree and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Do not use offensive language in your posts or in the creation of your username.
  2. Do not flood the forums with advertisements.
  3. Do not flood the forums with postings that, in the forum moderator(s) opinion, intentionally irritate or annoy other users of the forums.
  4. Although we support the user’s freedom of expression and their viewpoints on subjects related to football, we do not condone statements that are discriminatory based on sexual preferences, religions, races, personal attributes, slander, libel or anything else considered offensive.


  1. Common sense - Just because it isn’t explicitly stated as one of the rules above doesn’t mean it’s OK. Use common sense and good Netiquette when posting, replying and browsing these forums. This includes the following:

· No posts for the sole purpose of increasing your postcount.
· No “senseless” posts. Yes, its subjective. As a subjective way to help understand, if a coherent conversation cannot be read in the thread, it might be senseless.
· Keep the forums free from SPAM. This means no SPAM posting, no personal messaging SPAM, no SPAM in signatures or elsewhere in your profile. SPAM includes unsolicited messaging. If it takes you hours to send hundreds of Personal Messages, it is still SPAM. Also, please do not reply to SPAM, just report it to a Mod.

  1. Choose a good subject - Do not make your subject say just "Hey?, nobody wants to hear this. Describe your topic briefly in your subject, then feel free to comment.

  2. No bashing - If someone is posting in a thread, don’t simply tell them they’re wrong. Instead, provide facts or opinions supporting your views, provide positive feedback, and please keep the criticism low.

  3. Keep on topic - If you are replying about something to do with starting lineups for example, and someone mentions a play call, don’t start talking about the play call, stick to the topic. Go start a new topic play call topic and post a link to the old one if there is relevant information there.

  4. No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Personal attacks, threats, and just plain impolite posts will be removed and that user will be banned.

  5. Cross posting - Please do not post the same question to multiple forums. Cross posting clutters up the forums and makes things like searching harder for other users. If you feel your question could fit in multiple forums, please pick the best one and post there. If you would like your topic moved, message a Mod. Also, please do not post about the same subject multiple times. One thread is sufficient.

  6. Keep image sizes within reason - If you use an avatar or include an image in your signatures, please observe the following guidelines:

· Images within signatures should be no larger than 14k combined.
· Images within signatues should have a height of 80 pixels or less and a reasonable width.
8. We reserve the right to remove images with offensive, annoying or otherwise problematic content.

  1. Multiple accounts - Each person should have only one account. If you get banned for some reason and simply create another account, it might get banned the minute the moderators become aware of it.

  2. You should periodically check this topic for updates.


  1. The individual team forums are ‘safe havens’ for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted, or worse, your post will be edited to make you look silly.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in removal of posts or user accounts on this website, and legal actions may be taken against serious offences which are intended to damage the normal operations of this website.

Thank you for your cooperation!