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  1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted, or worse, your post will be edited to make you look silly.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in removal of posts or user accounts on this website, and legal actions may be taken against serious offences which are intended to damage the normal operations of this website.

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...while pigs might feel a certain generosity at this time, i do not....troll at your own risk...

So sensorship and no feedom of speech. I thought we live in a free democratic society not a communist one? I am and will always be a Bomber Fan and it does not bother me who posts what. I am ashamed at the team we have right now as it pains me to watch gutless efforts like I watched last week and I am quite certain it will be the same this week. I have written them off and have lowered my expectations to hoping that they at least play football not expecting any more wins this year. I wish that they would start playing their rookie Canadians and preparing them for the future. Make same trades for some first round picks so that we can get some quality Canadians on this team. So we can field an all Canadian Oline, right Walby! I will hold onto my memories of the Bomber teams of the 80's that I fondly remember.

...following the forum rules doesn't affect anything like you've noted above....keep cheering for your squad man, good on you

and this is the only sub forum with a warning like this. Hmmm

You obviously haven't read the forum guidelines pinned in the Ticats forum, have you.

Also obvious you haven't read the forum guidelines pinned in the main CFL forum since Pigseye's entire post is cut and paste from that thread.

my bad :oops: