Forum fixes, features and tweaks...

First - a request: don't PM me with site issues, please... email - it's read-only so you can't post.

As for other requests:

  • scrolling topics - no

We're not doing it. Why? Two reasons: 1. You wouldn't just see ticats posts, you'd see all the CFL forum posts. 2. We've had issues where someone gets the bright idea of putting up a nasty forum post late at night and it sits there over night for everyone to get offended until a mod can get to it in the morning.

  • avatars - yes
  • signatures - yes

We're fixing this - it was an oversight in the forum layout/design. You'll notice that I don't have my "grumpy sysadmin" tag yet... I feel your pain. I'm also copying over some of the avatars from the old site as well (and we'll make some up for the rest of the league eventually too, I'm sure...)

  • original join date - no

Can't do it, sorry. It would mean trying to match up thousands of old users to their usernames on this site. There's no automated way to do this and I'm not making a career out of it. I'm sorry, it's not feasible.

  • more wallpapers - yes

They're coming. We'll whip the graphics guys harder to speed up the process.

  • topic review screen (wrong colours) - yes

Oversight, fixing... yada yada...

  • Ticats specific topics (X&O) - yes

Why don't I just go add that now?

No carping about the things I've said "no" to. They're not negotiable and just can't happen. I have a three-year old and can out-last you on this argument as well. I'm taking a hard line on this and will delete posts from whiners (I can't do that with my three-year old though...).

Cool enough? Is there something we've missed? Post here.

Lots of love,

Your grumpy sysadmin - Ron

Addendum - If you really miss the scrolling topics, do this:

  • Click on Hamilton Tiger-Cats Forum Index
  • Clcik View posts since last visit

This will show you all the posts, to all the forums, since you were last on the site. Now - if we had the scrolling topics - you'd see just the top 5 of those. Isn't this better?

What? To many for you? No problem. Only read the top 5 then. :smiley:

Thank You Thank You Thank You

I got my emails, :wink:

cheergirl1985 - ask my wife, I don't throw anything away - let alone a whole site.

I still have an archive of the old Canoe ticats site (with the annoying roaring tiger) from before Bob owned the team.

Thanks Ron!! All your hard work really is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ron, any chance of changing the way the tables are defined so that when someone breaks the tables with a large picture or url address, it doesn't mess up the rest of the thread?

It's obvious you're putting in a lot of work on this and it's appreciated. The site is growing on me.

thanks ron the site looks better and better each day

Will you also make me breakfast in bed? :smiley:

Thanks for the improvements and for making our old PM's available. It is much appreciated.

Just one question, do we have to check the signature box every time? If so is there any way to make it so it is permanent? I clicked that area in my profile but it does not seem to work.

Seriously. Thank you for what you've done. I still miss many things but this helps.

Question- will the pm's on the archived site still work so we can exchange new info (in case names have changed, etc.)

If not, is there a way to download our entire pm file? I'm betting not... right?

Well so much for the love in. Not that I don't appreciate the work, but the time issue on the posts is still not fixed. For me it makes this site almost useless....

Hi Ron,

I would also like to add a word of thanks for what is causing the GSA to have the Grumpies. The changes you are implementing are making the site abit better on an ongoing basis. I do have a couple of questions though.

#1 Right now the site is showing 353 unregistered users and 26 registered. Is the 353 for just or all of sites cumulatively (i.e. ???

#2 If I go into edit a message that I have previously posted and leave it on my desktop without resubitting or accidently close up before resubmitting does that original posting disappear or should it still be in the message threads ???

#3 Can we use a personalized Avitar rather than the few that are listed and if so what is the process for installing it into our profile ???


Not easily… :frowning: We just have to moderate those posts and ask them to resize their pictures or link to stuff off-site.

Errr… Assume no.

Really? Looks fine for me… I should check and see if your timezone is fubar…

1 - all of,, and

2 - if you don’t submit, it stays the way it was.

3 - no. If there is a particular avatar you’d like to see available on the site, email it to and we’ll see about adding it (assuming no copyright issues).

Yes, one thing I did not like about the way the forums were was that they sometimes took too long to load. This site is much faster. And it certainly is good to have signatures back. Those who previously went by a different username can inform us of what their alias was then in their signature line.

Still, I hope improvements will continue to be made so that making this change will have been worth it.

Well, I would like to thank those involved in working hard to make these forums more like what we want them to be. I certainly appreciate what these people have done. And I hope that improvements will continue to be made.

It was said that there would be more avatars from which to choose, and I would like to have my old one back. With all the new players that will be joining the team, it would only make sense to have new avatars with pictures of players. And if something could be done to have the posts archived that are presently on, I'd appreciate it. I sometimes like to go back and read what was posted after certain events, as it captures what it was like after these events.

I’d like to see all variations of the ticats logo (e.g. corporate logo, tiger’s head, etc), including the retro logos. I’ll send an e-mail.