Forum Difficulties

I am having trouble on the forums.

When I make a post and hit the submit button, it takes forever and doesn't make a post. I then hit the submit button again and sometimes it posts. Other times, I have to hit it a few times before it submits it.

Sorry for the multiple posts!

Does anyone know what's wrong??????????????? It's getting very frustrating.

I'm having the same problem here, as are a few others..................fortunately I haven't ended up with multiple postings so far..............just once you hit submit it takes least I've resisted hitting the submit button again and just wait it out.

The big mistake you're making is clicking submit more than once. Thats why its posting multiple times. Just click once and be patient. Works for me.

Also, you can delete those multiple posts within a few minutes of posting them. Why not delete them rather than just leaving them there?

I have found that hitting it once, waiting it to load about 1/4 of the way,and hitting submit again, it works and gives you one post.

How do you delete them? I was trying but couldn't figure it out.

For up to about 5 min. after you make a post there is a small x next to the edit button at the top of the post. Clicking that will delete that post. Its gone after that 5 min. though as is the edit button.

where all have the same Issuie
They get it fixed.

You're the guy who stands there and patiently waits for the elevator without pressing the button again, aren't you?? :lol:

That's me.

I press it once; have learned through experience that pressing it again and again doesn't make the darn thing move any faster.

Mind you, I'm also the guy on the elevator who, when it opens on a particular floor, and a person in the hallway asks "is this going down", replies " see that little red arrow pointing down? that means it's going down."

Ahhh so you're the guy I make faces once you get off the elevator. :stuck_out_tongue: I know it doesn't make it come any faster, but at least I feel like I'm doing something... lol

Well I hope you aren't the one who gets on the elevator on the ground floor of a building with no basement and asks "is this going up?".

:lol: Last year at Camp a few Vet Line where stuck in an Elevator lol

Ummm uhhh no I never do that. :lol:

I remember that, Tom. That was hilarious. The vets kicked the rookies out and then got stuck. Didn't Dyakowski save them?

They all climbed on Lumsden's shoulder to climb out. The rest is history :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to be working fine now.

Thanks to whoever fixed the problem.

There is so much wrong with this post, it just makes it AWESOME!!!