Forum Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Hearing about the upcoming rebrand got me thinking.

Why don't we have a forum-wide rebrand competition? Get the artistic juices flowing!

We could have a 12-Design Competition (All 8 Teams, All-CFL Team, East Team, West Team, and Renegades)

Or we could just design the Tiger-Cats.

Anybody could do full rebrands, or just jersey edits.

What does everyone think?

I link straight into the ticat forum page. What rebranding is our new poster

mysteriously named TigerDesign talking about?

By the way, welcome to the ticat fan forum.

I would guess it's the new Reebok uniforms, referred to in another thread. That's the only redesign I've heard of.

On the main board, there is a discussion about "Reebok CFL 2012 Rebrand" (

Also, I'm an old poster - lost my login information - I figured the name would be fitting.

Also see

Sorry, by main board - I meant the Tiger-Cat board. Your link appeared to be broken, but it looks like the same link as mine (just via, instead of

No idea why the link is broken. That's the URL that appears at the top of my browser, but the link won't work when posted. Huh. The only difference between the two addresses is how you get in, through the Ticats website or the CFL website.

Here is my concept for our new jerseys.

I think it moves forward while remembering the past.

By the thread title I thought we'd be challenging the Als fans to an EDSF drinking game. Example: everytime a TiCats fan says "Porter" everybody drinks. "Boltus" would be a double.

Hmmm.. this could be a fun