Forum CFLers. I need help!

I am on my Road trip to the East Coast like I mentioned awhile back. Hopefully get to see the Lions out here a couple of times. Problem is tonight. Does anyone know where I can watch tonight’s game, have a few beer and some dinner in Pembroke Ont. I found a Boston pizza but I’m looking more for a neighbourhood pub. Bit of a disappointment last night in downtown Sault Ste. Marie. Nice town but nowhere to watch the game.

Any true sports bar should have the game on.

Any neighbourhood pub should do! I’ve asked for the game to be turned on one of the TVs when I’ve been out during a game. Unless someone is very specifically watching what’s on they usually have no problem doing so. :slight_smile:

Munsey#20: are you staying out east until the Leos play in Montreal September 6? If so, and even if not, your journey has the makings of an epic, and a TSN crew might ought to be notified, if that’s your thing. Best of luck, diehard!