Forum aesthetic and function

It’s been going down hill for years the latest version is crap for form and function as it looks so blaaa ! It was the best when Bob and the Ticats had control over it!

It’s weird looking. Take some time to get used to.

Stop living in the past, man....

Starting to get the hang of it, had to modify a couple of the features in the profile section. Also took a while to find it, eventually went through the CFL forum page and bookmarked it. Can't get to this forum from the Ti-Cat website menu option as yet, and pages don't want to display properly on the iPad. Maybe fixable from the forum settings pages?

Technology axiom: Only thing that stays the same is change.

There is nothing absolutely wrong with this forum and its format. People seem to be posting complaints with no issue.
Honestly...get over it

The link from should be fixed, and the URL should be functional now as well.

I'll take a look on my iPad in a moment; anything in particular look off there?

The only problem I am having on the iPad is minor - the Replies/Comments column doesn't show up, but I haven't tried the simplest solution - turning the screen to the horizontal aspect. Plus, it is not even a real issue, other than I noticed the absence.

Rapidly getting easier to move around with a bit of usage time. Thanks for reconnecting the link from

This new version looks OK to me.
Still can't access the forum from outside the CFL website but once that is fixed it will be fine. I'm glad the forum will be available in time for tonight's game.

  1. I just accessed this forum from the TiCat home page !!

Have we lost the ability to see who is logged into the forums or am I missing it somehow?

  1. Maybe they don't want you to know anymore Mark :-[

One of the things that I miss about the layout was when it showed who the last person to comment on a post was.
It was gone a few updates ago though,not with this one.

Yeah but it was handy to see if a friend was on at the same time. Or is it just me that they're worried about? :slight_smile:

It's only shown on the main forum index on this theme, and it's in a tab called "Users Online". I do like that feature, let me see if I can add it to the bottom of topic lists and posts.