Fort McMurray?! Argo territory?

[url=] ... y-1.206918[/url] is this even possible? I could see if it was an EE home game maybe, but there is not a football field somewhere in southern Ontario that this game couldn't be played at? totally unfair advantage for the Eskimos, basically an extra home game... be fair I suppose, this might be to compensate for the EEs having only one preseason game...but again, what kind of sked is PS game?...

I heard worse ideas.

... I think we'd all agree that the McRib was a terrible idea, but that's not what we are talking about here...

...where is BC's compensation then? haha, they play one PS game and then do not have a meaningful tilt until over three weeks later...

Braley probably auctioned the game off to the highest bidder.

The email I got from the Lions has them playing the Esks at a TBD time in the preseason. Every team therefore has two preseason games. I suspect the league has an issue with the schedule they uploaded as the game is TBD.

Another horrid schedule for us, worst then previous years and that is saying a lot.
FM for a game is a joke, as if anything the game should have been played out east.
In Moncton again, how about QC or anywhere in between.

...ArgoT, you and I do not seem to agree on much but in this case I am behind you 100%....if FM and the CFL want to host a game then great, make it a Western leaning match, play a Calgary/Edmonton game there for crying out loud...but for the league to say this is an Argo home game is completely befuddling...

Never been to Fort McMoney, but I'm sure the nickname is well earned.

I suspect this is the case. For whatever reason, Fort Mac probably offers Braley the best chance at turning a profit on the game.

Heck - how can they call it an Argos home game when the Eskimos will even play a preseason game there (against Saskatchewan)? It is absolutely like an extra home game for the Eskimos.

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After the iconic Varsity grandstands were condemned I don't think there's any football stadiums left in Toronto? I guess the Argos could have played at McMaster U in Hamilton, where the Ticats played a couple games last year...or perhaps in London or Guelph college stadiums? It can cost $1 million or more to convert stadiums for CFL games (like in Moncton), at least in Fort Mac their stadium will already be setup for the CFL.

I understand the Argos had an option to play an additional game at Skydome in the Fall, but that game would be bumped if the BJ's made the playoffs.

For all we know Fort Mac bid generously for the game and made it worth the Argos while to play a "home" game there. The city is getting tons of press already and the game is still 4 months away!

Yes Red we finally agree.
Unless this only has to do with the net financial return for Mr. Braley.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

SMS Stadium will hold 15,000 people and all of the stands and infrastructure will be already set up from the pre-season game two weeks prior. If they held it out of Toronto, but in the east (London, Moncton, Kingston, etc), the Argos and Braley would have to pay the costs. In Toronto, the maximum stadium capacity would be around 5000 (Varsity Stadium). This is just a giant middle finger to the fans in Toronto.

I think the fans in Toronto will get over it I'm sure, and understand what the score is. :wink:

Not so much anymore. $50/barrel oil has put the brakes on the town in a hurry....

Is there a reason why the game was not scheduled to be played in Moncton where other CFL games have been played and where the next CFL franchise [Atlantic Schooners] just might spring up? I checked the Women's World Cup schedule and there doesn't appear to be scheduled game on June 27

The stadium can hold up to 20 000 in Moncton. This is unbelievable that a CFL game would be scheduled to be played in Ft. MacMurray. I mean that is where Mr. Bungle apparently works. What does that say about Ft. MacMurray? Bungle says CFL ticket prices are way out of line. And the beer is lousy for what you are paying. So we know he certainly won't be going. I mean come on. How many spectators do they think they're gong to get? Just kidding. :rockin:

You know I'm kidding Bungle, right? :lol:

But seriously, it is stuff like this that makes me shudder. If the CFL wants to expand and become a sport to be reckoned with in Canada and not be looked at as the league league made up of a bunch of NFL wannabees or rejects it really needs to do more about its image.

I love the CFL and have since 1963 but this is just plain crazy. Toronto is already struggling. So what do they do to strengthen the Argo fan base? They schedule the 2015 seasoner opener 2600 km away. Wow! :roll:

Yup :roll: A home game for the Argos :roll: Sounds about right !!!

It makes perfect sense when you look at this map :roll: :lol:

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The stadium at Moncton can hold 20,000 if they rent a $1 million temporary grandstand, which they did for the CFL games played there. The 20,000-seat grandstands will already be in place for the Esks vs Riders exhibition game in Fort Mac, so hosting another game a week or two later is just gravy. That's why Fort Mac bid for the Argos game, agreeing to pay all the expenses of both teams including travel costs. They also paid Kiss $1 million to do a concert there in 2011, so I don't think money is an issue. :wink:

The Moncton stadium would have to be completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch to accommodate a permanent CFL franchise. There is virtually nothing that could be reused as the stadium was designed for track & field, not football...just like the new Pan-Am stadium at York which is unsuitable for Canadian football.

If Fort Mac wasn't so willing and able, the Argos would more likely have played the game at Varsity, McMaster, London or Guelph, which only have about 3,500 to 10,000 seats available...or signed on for an additional game at Skydome which would be bumped if the BJ's made the playoffs. :expressionless: