Fort McMurray Game

Perhaps the link below explains things more further.

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The Stamps in Lethbridge for a weekend? I hate to admit it but this place would take a quick look, yawn, and go right back to sleep. Wouldn't matter who was playing, this city does not support its own teams very well. And the only possible place to play - the University field - only holds about 2500, and I can't see anyone paying to install temporary seating.

I'd love to see a 3rd preseason game per year, I think it would really help teams separate the wheat from the chaff. What would be even better is have one week of the preseason dedicated to going to a smaller venue near your market and running a local university improvement camp/even at the same time. Get more people interested in the game and show local students what to expect at the CFL level.

Hamilton & Toronto - Guelph, Waterloo, London plus McMaster and the various university stadiums in Toronto.
BC - Kelowna, Victoria & Abbotsford
Calgary - Lethbridge or convince Red Deer to get a field
Edmonton - Ft. McMurry and obviously Red Deer again
Saskachewan - Saskatoon
Winnipeg - Get Brandon a field/team
Montreal - Sherbrooke and Laval
Ottawa - Kingston

Red Deer has a field in Great Chief Park, but only has a small number of bleacher style seats, would have to put up temp seating which would be too costly for just a pre-season game.

Ok fine, pick another place. Red Deer? The Hat? Swift Current? Kamloops? Wherever.

It would be kind of cool to see Calgary and Edmonton there for a game though.

The cost could be equally shared by the city/town in question and corporate sponsorship.
Also in theory, since my Exhibition plan would be done annually throughout the country surely temporary seats of approximately 10,000 can be purchased and held in a storage facility for used in an as need basis.

The pre season game not scheduled to be played until 2015 is already sold out.
Have to give the Esks Kudos on this one. Normally for the ESKS it would not be financially a good move to play a game at such a small sight away from Commonwealth with them still drawing 25-30K for a pre season game each season.
In this case however they planned way ahead knowing that Commonwealth will not be available with the World Cup going on planning ahead has paid off. Yes, there will only be about 6,000 capacity but everything including the suites have been sold out already.


FC Edmonton has also just announced the playing of a regular season NASL game in June 2015 at Fort McMurrray and another in 2016 along with more things like clinics and camps.
Like the CFL game it is slated to be on National TV, I imagine with Sportsnet 360 their current broadcaster unless that changes form now till 2015 season.

This is just a natural fit for a game one day. If they actually manage to build a small stadium, as opposed to tiny one they have now.

Great stuff! :thup:

Like the people in London and Moncton, it makes sense to hold preseason games in other venues to help grow the league. Every team should do some of this. Riders do go up to Saskatoon for training camp at times. BC, Winnipeg, could learn from this.

The riders did have TC in Saskatoon this year and BC has had their TC in Kelowna for some time now.
The Riders would lose too much by having their home pre season game in Saskatoon as they pretty much fill mosaic for the Pre Season as well.
With the stadium conflicts for pre season games for both 2014 and 2015 it would be a great time to help coordinate a game in Saskatoon for a team without the use of their stadium pre season and the Riders would not lose their money making pre season game at Mosaic and would give a gift to the fans from the Norther part of the Province.

After probably a record breaking year in revenue for the Riders it could be a great year for them to invite a team without a stadium for pre season, like Ottawa, to play in one of the two cities and have their regular home pre seson game at the other.

This would need to take some planning ASAP as Edmonton was smart enough to do this a year in advance of their 2014 season where Commonwealth will be a prime venue for the WWC.

The stadium isn't even started yet. Im pretty sure this is happening in 2015

I'm thinking getting Winnipeg on board to expand the pre season would be tough sell. Heck, they have had 20 pre season calibre games a year for the last few years as it is. :lol:

Why would Winnipeg leave the comforts of a state of the art training facility and Stadium at IGF :roll: . Our ticket season base is strong , we draw more for our pre seson games than Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton do for regular season games. People from the rural parts attend games and enjoy their night in the city. So , all good in Winnipeg, minus one little detail, football team finishes second in most games :?

You would be correct hence in my post Edmonton was smart enough to get this organized two years in advanced.

2014 pre season stadium conflicts: Ottawa, Hamilton, and probably Toronto

2015 pre season stadium conflicts: Edmonton, BC, Ottawa, Winnipeg maybe (used for first half of June for WWC), Toronto Probably.

Also any thoughts, probably not, of using Moncton for anything for pre season are ruled out as well. Moncton will also be used for the entire month of June for the WWC. In hindsight of this, Halifax may not want to miss out on whatever may come to Canada next and be the main location in the Atlantic region opposed to Moncton.

BC hasn't had their training camp in Kelowna for a few years now

Im sorry you are correct it has been in Kamloops, still outside of Vancouver metro region though

I agree and have also been saying the CFL should look into a 3rd pre-season game to be played in a neutral site.

With the new CBA being negotiated atm, it would be the perfect time to do it.
Ideally the CFL would make the extra(1st of 3 games) into a near rookie/sophomore game, put a restriction on how many vets or how much experience players can have to play in the game and expand TC by an extra week or two. IMO it would have an impact on developing the next gen of NI's and QB's by having that extra first pre-seasong game(of 3) where no 3rd year vet(or more) can play other then back-up QB's or K/P.

Although ideally any neutral site games would be to get CFL football to places that might be overlooked and are out of the immediate area of a CFL team.
Places like Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Victoria, London, Quebec City, Moncton, Saskatoon, Windsor and Halifax. - all cities over 100K(Moncton is with their Metro, and yes Sask isn't really overlooked, although Saskatoon might be the 2nd best bet for a 10th team after Atlantic Canada)

As for the Fort McMurray game I saw it when it was announced and it does make sense with the amount of soccer games Edmonton will be hosting to do this as I'm thinking Fort McMurray pay the Eskies a decent $$ for the game. hopefully it will be well attended AND gets broadcast live, even if it is two green teams playing.