Fort McMurray Game

Great times

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This is a really cool initiative taken by the Eskimos and I hope they add some temporary seats to the 5000 seat facility. The other news here is that this is because the 2015 FIFA women’s world cup occupies some of the dates, meaning Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal may also be unable to host games in June.

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Myself and friends have said for years that they should try to figure something out for this. It is potential to draw in a lot of new fan base from the city of nomads. People will get drawn in, and that can create more TV viewers, as well as a few people who might get won over to commute down to the odd game.

I have often wondered if Fort Mac could sustain a team full time, despite its size. There is oodles of money, and not a plethora of recreation there.

On a side note, I have seen a few interviews with Len Rhodes now. One was when ET was fired and the other was tonight in regards to this game in Fort McMurray. The guy isnt a public speaker and gives poor interviews. He seems like the type of guy who is only going to hurt Public Relations and the image of the club.

This could really help to heighten interest in the CFL in Atlantic Canada. There are very large numbers of people working in Fort Mac from Newfoundland and the Maritimes. Who knows, could even help get a team in the Maritimes sooner than later. Sure would be nice to have somewhere to go watch football when I go back home to Nova Scotia to visit.

OH NO!! not another expansion thread!!

I think Tibet first :cowboy:

I cant think of a more ridiculous place to play the most brutal injury riddled sport on the planet... In Fort Mac, getting bitten by a bee is considered an "incident" that is worthy of a drug test. In Ft Mac they are so paranoid about people injuring themselves that nobody actually does any work. I literally do about 5 hours of work in my 60 hour work week.... The crazy part is that I'm one of the hardest workers on site.... If you choose to do nothing and just stand around all day, you will not lose your job... However if you scrape your arm on a staple, you are now required to pee test, and even if you pass, have just put yourself at the top of the layoff list.
I can not think of a place that screams louder against the game of football, then Ft. Mac.

Most definitely a shiathole. I think we should build a prison colony over there and bring back chain gangs.

It is good to see that the ESKS have taken the initiative early in planning for this situtation. knowing that Commonwealth will not be available due to the World Cup making the arrangements well in advance for something that will not take place until 2015 shows the CFL, its franchises, and TV partner TSN have learned from the Hamilton issue.
Most likely EDM would never think about moving a pre season game out of Commonwealth due to the fact that they do make money on the pre season game with crowds of 30K plus over the past few seasons. This pre season the attnedance is down but otherwise moving to a smaller venue outside the EDmonton would not make too much sense for a team like EDM.
The Riders are the same way as much as playing a game in Saskatoon would probably fill up quickly even with Temp seat set up used for the Vanier Cup a few years back you are still looking at only 12K seats and a loss to the bottom line.
Unlike there eastern Counterparts in Toronto who have drawn closer to 10K then 20K moving a game to a different venue would not make that much of a difference.
The other teams whose stadiums will be used for the 2015 world Cup hopefully will be looking into this also. World Cup Soccer will be in Montreal but not at McGill so the Als should be ok but winnipeg, BC, Ottawa will all be affected with FIFA womens world cup using these newer stadiums. Even Moncton will be used as a site for the pool play in the 2015 world Cup.
So getting ahead of this for the CFL would be a good idea to plan for.
Toronto and Hamilton will not be affected by the World Cup but will be used for the Pan Am games around the same time.
So hopefull the rest of the franchises and the CFL will be on top of this get the time pereiod of dates that the venues will be used and begin sheduling alternative sights if needed.

How do they know that the game will be against Saskatchewan? If the 2015 schedule is out, I'd like to see it. :stuck_out_tongue:


See link below..

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That doesn't answer the question at all. One can only assume that the teams arrange their own preseason schedules for them to be able to announce this two years in advance.

I like this idea.
I have been saying for years now how the league should have 3 pre season game.
With the usual home and away and then and here is the key, the third game must be neutral site as either being the teams protected region or a league game for developing a potential expansion site.
For now until Ottawa comes in, there would only be 4 sites per season.
What better way to build a fan base and showcase the product.
The cost can be split between the new city and corporate sponsorship.

Pre season games being there are only two probably follow a specific rotation of who plays who each season much like the regular season games are done, or were done with Ottawa coming in on who each team would play 4 times in each season.
With Ottawa coming in making an odd schedule with 9 teams having to play 2 pre season games each in a specific period of time the same kind of rotation would be figured out in advance.
So it was probably scheduled that the Riders would be at EDM for that season and the dates would just need to be figured out.

makes sense to also plan ahead to make sure that TSN does televise that game unlike this season in Toronto where it seems as though the game at Varsity was a last minute addition do to the lack of available dates and could have drawn some extra TV watchers out of curiosity of just playing at Varsity stadium

I like that idea but a 3rd pre season game is not going to happen. With only two pre season games it is one home and one away so for a team like saskatchewan who still draw big crowds for their pre season games would not want to lose that money but for a team like Toronto who draw nothing for the pre season game should be signing onto a game like this each season or every other season with the CFL assuring a standard paid revenue coming from the revenue drawn from that game and the rest from the CFL advertising budget as it is advertising the CFL. Make it worth Toronto's while to do this knowing that they will actully make a decent profit on a pre season game instead of them most likley barley breaking even.
I am sure that the Riders and the CFL would love to have a game in Saskatoon each year but for the Riders it would make no sense to move their game to a smaller venue and lose Money but for Toronto where no one come to pre season games having there travel expenses paid and being during training camp both team able to stay on the Saskatchewan Campus and even have two football venues in which to parctice in Saskatoon. The Riders being officially the visiting team but would no doubt sell out an expanded huskie stadium of 12K or so and sponsors most likley looking to be involved for a Riders game being on National TV on TSN there would not take much promotion to get the fans there.
Toronto would play two away pre season games yes but for one they do not have much of a home field adv with a crowd of 10K in RC and the other away pre season game being fairly close by whether it be in Hamilton, Ottawa, or Montreal so there would not be a lot of travel during the short training camp anyway

Except that they don't.

For the past fe years the team that you play 4 times in the regular season is the team that you DON'T face in the preseason. The team that you visit twice and host once in the regular season is the team that you host in the pre season. The team that you host twice and visit once in the regular season is the team that you visit in the pre season. This year the Riders play the Esks 4 times AND play them in the pre season. They only play the Lions 3 times yet do not face them in the pre season.

If there was a rotation, it is now broken.

I have been saying for about 8 years now, there should be a 3rd preseason week. The last 2 should be the games that we see these days. The first week should be a neutral site 3 or 4 team weekend. With the return of Ottawa this would work extremely well.

Imagine Lions Stamps and Eskimos in Lethbridge or Prince George for a full weekend. Meet and greet fans/players, sell merch and hot dogs, show appreciation to the communities that support the league but are just never going to be able to have their own team by bringing the show to them. Throw in a skills competition. Over the weekend have a round robin of contact scrimmage, maybe 8 or 10 minute quarters. The star players likely wouldn't see much action or even dress, but that's ok, they can still meet the fans and practice. This third preseason game would be evaluation for bubble players in anger against a real opponent, which would allow one of the other preseason games to be the real rust remover for the starters that is badly needed.

It's marketing. it's promotion. It's good will to loyal fans in medium sized communities. Rotate these around the country year to year. And it's also better for the players to get extra evaluation time under fire. Some of these players get a half a quarter of action, which means maybe 4 or 5 minutes of offense or defense, which means maybe 10 or 12 snaps, which means the ball gets near them once or twice, which means next to ZERO opportunity to show what they can do, which means they often get cut, go home to a real job and are never heard from again.

More pre season, please!

Well they went out of the rotation this season for whatever reason but when Ottawa comes it will be much more complicated a schedule so while they have been waiting all of these years for the stadium to be OK'd they may have actually had a plan in place for when they do enter the legue sitting on the shelf and it is going inot afffect now.