Fort Mac.

The travel/time zone thing is over exaggerated these days. There are direct flights from Toronto to Fort MacMurray on West Jet and Air Canada only a 4 hour flight, they don't have to fly into Edmonton.
Yet, for the Ottawa at Hamilton pre-season game the REDBLACKS took a 5 hour train ride to Toronto and then another 45 minute bus ride to Hamilton. For their second pre-season game, Ottawa took a train to Quebec with a layover to change trains in Montreal another 5 hour travel day.
As for the problem this year with the pre-season, it was predicted long ago because of the World Cup and the Pan Am Games in Toronto and Hamilton.
Back to normal next year and teams can include their pre-season game with their season ticket package. I think we have see the end of pre-season experiments in QC, Halifax, Moncton, London, Guelph, Varsity etc


Your right. with everything going on with the sale of the team. Here comes Fort Mac and Getty taking care of all the arrangement for you. Doing all first class as well. Just about every team will have some sort of disruption.
The Argo's are one of the few teams that had a very routine TC and pre season oddly enough.
Training camp at York again. Pre season game in Toronto at Varsity for the last few years. Then a normal train ride to Montreal to end the pre season.
From the pre season up until they return back east for a game are all well normal practice weeks.
A really extra long bye between weeks 3 and 5.
When they do return they will be in there own practice facility.
Although it will be in hostile territory the standard 45 min bus ride to Hamilton gives them really no travel day
From there on out it will be 8 home games and another on Labor Day in Hamilton
So after there first 4 games 10 of the next 14 they will sleep in there own beds before game day and have game pre normal day before at there own practice facility.

Looked good on tv, but just kind of wondering what else that field(both baseball and football) really get used for in the stadium's lifetime?

I was refering to the ability of fans getting to the game not the teams. The local fan base is not going to fly 4-5 hours for a home game.

So you're a smarter, more successful businessman than David Braley? Awesome. Why don't you get off your wallet, buy a team or two and show everyone how its done.

And you’re saying the Argos have done a good job of marketing themselves? Visible attendance doesn’t really support that fantasy.

Preseason attendance is not significantly better in the NFL either. If you ever watch one of those games the place is half empty, they don't even bother listing the attendance figures most of the time. Football preseason is what it is, tedious at the best of times and downright horrendous when you have new rule changes going into effect that turn them into a flag fest. It's a roster littered with guys who won't make it in the league beyond the one or two preseason games, you barely get to see the name players, IF they even play that is. I don't think attendance for two preseason games is really a concern for most teams. It's a tool for teams to evaluate players and see how they look hitting someone else besides your own guys. The attendance is secondary. In fact, I could seen the CFL potentially holding more neutral site games in some of the smaller stadiums to help market the CFL. The Esks might have won a few more fans and the stadium, although smaller in size, I think had a great look to it.

And you can't really compare preseason hockey games versus preseason football. In preseason hockey you don't have expanded rosters on the bench, rosters carry more of the regular faces in the lineup and they play way more minutes, and the pace of the game doesn't change significantly from a regular season game.

Yes indeed. That temp stadium in BC was actually my most enjoyable game experience in Vancouver for years. It was terrific...a really fun, carnival like environment with unbelievable beauty all around. And you could hear the pony race track thundering close by. BC place is a marvel I guess. Like a beautiful dress on a soul less woman.
Agreed 100 percent lots of soft fans these days who want a "fan experience" :roll: I guess that means they want to take selfies and talk the whole game.

I can't say it is just the "soft fans". Every fan, "soft" or "hardcore" has a better experience in a charged atmosphere. It's a win-win for everyone.

Don't know what other sports have to do with what we are talking about, we have to deal with the CFL and in particular the problems that eastern teams have in drawing pre-season crowds.

If you want to compare with other sports, how about this for a Florida pre-season game

[url=] ... --nhl.html[/url]

I only made that comment about comparing it to hockey because in the Quebec game thread I believe someone mentioned how people didn't care to show up because it was CFL football but would have if they had a NHL team and it was a preseason game. That was fresh in my mind when I posted what I did in this thread.

If BC Place is "Like a beautiful dress on a soul less woman, then the Skydome would be like a skank on a stripper pole.

Most clubs have a solid season ticket holder base which includes paying for the home pre season game. People may not be going but still tickets are sold.
The Argo's being the one obvious without a solid season ticket holder numbers. They still sell the pre season game tickets as the 10th game. In recent years however they moved the pre season game to the much much cheaper Varsity stadium. They gave season ticket holders the option of going to the pre season game or being comped extra tickets for a game of their choice at RC.

As for both Fort Mac and QC game it appeared the pricy tickets were a problem for sure. Even in Fort Mac with tickets being 100 bucks a pop there were still seats not sold that they were expecting to sell.

What an absolute embarrassment for the CFL . I'm not sure who's fault it is ? Professionals having to play in an empty stadium was hard to watch . The game should have been played at an existing CFL stadium. Could of played it in SK. before the Riders game.

The Maritimes is ideal from a geographic standpoint, as every Province would have a natural rooting interest. It would be the most fun for the fans, and put some closure to the Atlantic Schooners saga.

From a population and logistics standpoint however, it has to be QC. It is by far the largest Canadian city without a team.
It would further bridge the gap between the CFL and Atlantic Canada as well, which would keep the door open for a future team in the Maritimes.

Don't run ahead of the League to the ideal End Game. Take one realistic step at a time.

Not as bad as the old Montreal Expos though, RIGHT IN Montreal, their home city. 2,184 people showed up in 2002 for this game. Now that is an embarrassment as the MLB is "the majors" and no one would argue with that. Imagine how hard to watch a game in a 60,000 seater with that few people in it! :o And baseball tickets there for the Expos were cheap compared with the Ft. Mac CFL game yesterday I am sure.

Empty seats abound in Olympic Stadium as 2,184 fans watch the Montreal Expos get set to play the Philadelphia Phillies in Montreal in this Sept.5, 2002 file photo

I don't know if you noticed but population has very little to do with being able to support a CFL franchise. The smallest market teams are the more successful in the CFL. It is the large cities like Vancouver, Toronto and to some extent Montreal (mostly due to stadium size) that disproportionately are meeting turnout expectations.

a pitiful 4,900 in attendance for the first ever pro sports game at Shell Place is disgraceful. (not to mention it being an Argos "home" game nearly 4,000 km away)

any of the smaller venues closer to home (Lamport, Varsity, Ron Joyce, Alumni, Birchmount, University Stadium, TD Waterhouse etc) would have attracted a larger crowd and given Argo faithful at least an opportunity to attend.

this was one major blunder by league execs.

Almost as bad of a blunder as putting a MLB team in Montreal. :lol:

Indeed, came of as cornball on TV too with that over-amped PA announcer and his "ARGOOOOOOOOOS" to try to make it feel like a home game. Ay caramba. :roll: Was Varsity not available? I love the CFL, but the whole deal felt very bush league.