Fort Mac.

looks great on TV. Very neat.

Are you talking about the stadium or the coverage? It reminds me of watching old high school football tape.

Really? it looks like a truly supported CFL game to me. In a totally new environment. Compared to Laval this is a statement.

not commenting on the quality of the game necessarily. I have no expectations about the game quality.

  1. Great Planning - This game was planned 2 years ago as an alternate site do to WWC
  2. Organization - Fort Mac, Getty, ESKS, CFL, Riders, and TSN.
    ESKS went to CFL and got the opponent they wanted in SASK. Then they went to TSN to secure the game would be one of the pre season games broadcast Nationally.
  3. Cooperation - Fort Mac, Getty, ESKS, CFL, and TSN all promoted the game well in advance. Riders as well organized plans for fans who wanted to go. Riders also promoted the game.

Quebec City game

  1. Poor planning not having the game in place until very late. In OSEGs defense they have had a ton of thing going on that have gone OUTSTANDING!
  2. Organization - Not a lot. With OSEG so busy none of the other parties involved stepped up to spearhead
  3. Cooperation not there - Laval nor the city of Quebec promoted it until very late. CFL/RDS/TSN. CFL and RDS(TSN) all would benefit greatly from a 10th team. Promoting and broadcasting on at least RDS2 would have been a good investment. Not sure if Montreal help organize ticket plans or how much Ottawa did.

I thought the game was a great way to promote the league and our country. It's a very nice stadium that puts many of the college stadiums in Canada to shame. Looked great on TV and it looked like the fans were having a ton of fun.

It really was. Its not just a stadium its a whole first class athletic complex. This was just the the kick off, and a GREAT ONE, to a whole summer of sporting and entertainment events. Two FCE matches, Western Canada Games, concerts, and the added season opener for Toronto and EDM.

I just liked the "cozy" atmosphere it brought to the game. I actually liked a few years back when the Lions were playing at Empire while BC Place was renovated. It looked a lot better on TV than a 1/3rd filled stadium.

A 10th team has to be in the Maritimes does it?

Yes indeed. That temp stadium in BC was actually my most enjoyable game experience in Vancouver for years. It was terrific…a really fun, carnival like environment with unbelievable beauty all around. And you could hear the pony race track thundering close by. BC place is a marvel I guess. Like a beautiful dress on a soul less woman.

I think it would be preferable for the 10th team to be in the Maritimes.

I agree 100%. Problem is no stadium in Halifax. TD Atlantic was also a very well planned out and promoted 3 years of regular season games in Moncton. It lost a bit of its luster but still having 16K capacity in year three was pretty good. problem the game was in Montcon, New Brunswick.
Halifax metro being the biggest city and Nova Scotia biggest province. With a history of good football at SMU. Halifax is the best location.

Also my bad. Apparently the game was on RDS. So good on TSN/RDS/Bell for making that happen along with a live stream.

Nice looking stadium. Great size for non-CFL cities to host exhibition games as well as attracting other events.
$125 million looks like a nice investment for a stadium can seat 5000 permanent seats, but can be expanded to 20k for exhibition events.
I wonder what that stadium would cost in areas that don't have an excessively high cost of living, as Fort Mac is anything but a cheap place to live.

A pre season game is OK, but someone explain how the Argos end up playing a HOME game against the Eskimos 2 time zones from Toronto in a town two hours from the visiting team? Tell me the mental midget in the Argo office that made that call has been fired.

I think you are being too critical , there were few, if any, options for the team to play , Pam Am preparation (referring to THF) and Blue Jays pretty much limited the venues. Maybe Varsity with its 5000 seats may have been an available not sure.

So, when the team got a attractive economic offer with guaranteed revenue plus all travel expenses paid , why wouldn't they take it .

What would you suggest they should have done ?

Hey the Red Blacks first game was a home game in Regina. ;D

It's that kind of narrow minded thinking that got them stuck in the Skydump instead of a new stadium for the 10 years. Hopefully new ownership is as concerned with what's best for the team and not just what's best for the teams bottom line. When you're trying to revitalize a franchise and reconnect with a lost fan base taking a home game 3800km away from that fan base is not the smart play no matter how much money it nets you. Smart businessmen know how to walk away from a quick buck in favour of long term profitability.

This Ft Mac thing will never occur again.. Either will the Varsity thing.. Attendance at preseason games has been so embarrassing this season that I would almost think the CFL should just scrap the games and play closed scrimmages... They could not sell out Varsity.. Could not draw 5000 fans in QC?
This is total bush league attendance

why do you think they went from 16 to 18 games a season???

I was at the Varsity game and if it was not at full capacity, it was very hard to tell. I could not see very many empty seats. I was sitting near the top of the bleachers at the 30 yd. line and it was packed. This is from a game that was not really well promoted. Add the fact that there were a few hundred fans who watched the game from the outside at the open north west corner and other locations at the south end and in between the curtains hanging on the fence wall. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at an Argo home game for the first time in many years..... The FT. Mac stadium looks awesome and my cousin attended that game and he said it was great.