Forrest's interview with Team 1200

Please put all comments about this interview here. I’ll start.

How in the heck does a GM forget his star quarterback’s name?

Even the announcers were speechless after the interview.

He didn't forget the name if you heard the interview, he was thinking of how to say his phrase and of course Galley who is as much an air head as Kulka just started attacking that. When Ottawa becomes a winning team this year make sure all you band wagoners stay off

Right, he forgot the name. I knew you would be an apologist for Forrest. If you can't even admit that this was a terrible interview and that the fans at the end of the interview phoned in and stated they weren't going to support the team with the way management is.

I'm just listening again to the interview again. He forgot the name. Unbelievable. What a joke.

He did forget Joseph's name. Galley seems to be a pretty smart guy. I heard the Kulka interview and the interview yesterday and the interviewers were stunned on both occasions. Like they said to Gump during the interview, "How can your team be better when you are NOT re-signing two of your top players and not going after free agents." ? Uh we're signing 17 players ? Who the hell are these 17 players ? I think Forrest is in a coma.

Mark Kosmos is on the air now. He’s extremely critical of the renegades and is wondering if they’re going to be any fans left. He just said that they are looking for 10,000 season ticket holders and Kosmos said that they would be lucky to have 5,000.

Ottawa Rough Rider, he’s even mentioning what you just said about having the same team as last year. Its not going to wash with fans.

I just heard on the TEAM 1200 that they are going to replay the Forrest Gregg interview on the air this morning and that the interview will be posted on their website. So Moscow, clean yor ears and listen to it again. Maybe you didn't even listened to it yesterday and your just saying you did.

I found the link on the team1200 site.

whats the big deal here?? It was just a boring interview. Yes, they may go after one or two free agents, but will mainly concentrate on signing their own guys. And they cant announce new signings until they are approved by the league office.

And he cant talk about potential free agents, in either league, its called Tampering. The hosts were apparently unfamiliar with this rule....

Actually, they never asked who they were trying to get in terms of free agents but would he get free agents at all.

The big deal is that he is ruining the image of our football team. Fans are getting turned off. This is big.

They asked him about 3 different ways about Flutie.....of course he's not going to discuss that. He cant.

I agree, the Gades should leave the interviews to Lonie and John Jenkins. But I was expecting this disastrous interview.....there was really nothing to it.

They were asking generally if they were talking about football.

It was a disatrous interview, hello???? Its too bad you didn't hear the callers afterwards. I don't even think that Lonie should do interviews, he's terrible. I haven't heard Jenkins in an interview since he's been named GM, except for the news conference. He's said boo since.

I heard the callers, and they are right to be 'concerned'...but as for a couple of them - what kind of fan would NOT buy tickets based on one 10-minute radio interview??? Dosent sound like much of a fan to me. Listen, I want this team to make the playoffs more than anyone, but I'm not going to stop going to the games because of some incompetence in the front office. If that was the case, I wouldnt have been able to go a game since 1980.

OK he's a Senior Citizen--there will be times he's not with it...he shouldn't be speaking for the team even if he is a VP of Football Operations--but just because he no longer is eloquent or sometimes forgetful does not mean he should be vilified because the media can't get a good interview from him or that he is getting absent-minded...BECAUSE:

TILLMAN was a media darling--great interview--always optimistic never SEEMINGLY 'gloomy" like "Forrest Gump" is (as the Team 1200 guys lampooned Forrest Gregg)..TILLMAN knew every player--his background--stats--everything--YET he sold the fans a bill of goods and RUINED the franchise with lousey trades and wasted or wrong draft picks...

PAOPAO was another media darling--yet he runied the team with his lousey coaching,lousey talent evaluation,and again questionable trades useage and wasting of draft picks...

However--remember THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR --Frank Clair?
He also couldn't remember player names (albeit he quoted their numbers)
when interviewed...MAYBE the solution to success for the team is ultimately MORE absent-midedness and poor interviewing techniques,while adding more astute TALENT EVALUATION,more astute DRAFTING and TRADING instead of the flim-flam we've had from con artists who pretended they knew what they were doing. THIUS--can we not wait until at least part-way through this season till we judge sentence and exceute Forrest Gregg and John Jenkins and The Gliebermen?

Good news: They let go Vaughan (past his prime) Heywood (too small--got
out-sized and muscled by the 4th quarter and we couldn't stop anyone from running up the middle to prolong drives as the games wore on--and he hardly ever got the the quarterback--I WANT SOMEONE A LOT BETTER...
Hope Jenkins and his scouts got us a DT who can push for an all-star spot ..

FA losses: Hudson and Ranek and maybe Cheron if he doesn't re-sign by the deadline...
Not much they can do about Hudson--he's flying the coup but not because they did not offer him enough money--IMO he's a traitor to the fans...
Ranek --well he may be testing the free agent market hoping to get even more than Ottawa's fair offer--but again he may also have decioded the grass is greener elsewhere in pursuit of a playoff birth--if that is the case,he is another traitor unless he gets substantially more than Ottawa offered. In any case--he lacked going all the way speed,and he may not have suited Jenkns' new offense as well as a better pass-catching back...American RB's are plentiful--he shouldn't be that hardf to replace...
Cheron--did not think he was that good...

THE PROBLEM for Ottawa will be the Cdn depthat the O-line--if they need to start 3 cdns --the Gades are paper thin in Cdn O-linement...If they start St. Germain (getting old) and Obie Khan at guards with Sutherland at centre and 2 American tackles --what happens if one of the Cdn starters goes down? Paper thin...that may force Ottawa to draft an O-lineman with the the 3 overall pick--not something I wanted given some of the other position atheletes in this draft...and considering our next pick is not until #21 --I don't think they can risk that some of the better O-line draft-eligible Cdns who can cnme to camp right away won't be off the board...I'd rather have taken one of the top recievers or D-linemen in the top of this draft--but we may be forced to take either another centre (Domenic Picard?) or guard in round one...The Tillman years of wasted O-line draftpicks have come back to bite us...

You took the words right outta my mouth man. Excellent points

Doesn’t sound like much of a fan. You’re right, maybe they’re not blind, deaf and dumb.

SOOOOO, what have Loonie and Gump done to fix the situation ? NOTHING ! And Forrest has said that they are not going to sign free agents.

Well, look at it this way. At least they haven’t drafted any dead guys yet.

SR2121, if you think people are basing their refusal to buy tickets just on the 10 minute interview, you're sadly mistaken. Its obvious that what they have seen so far doesn't inspire them to go out and spend their money on the Renegades. Simply, the 10 minute interview topped it off. Get it now??? Incompetence abounds here.

It was a boring interview, Gregg sounded confused & unprepared. It was a PR nightmare but guess we'll need to wait to see how the team does.

Scary thing is, will fans support the team, even if it's winning under this ownership which the whole city hates.? :?: