Forrest "Gump" Ottawa's new GM

Well the circus is officially back in town!
Lonnie, aka “Chuckles” , Glieberman is making Forrest (as in petrifed forest?) Gregg the new GM.

OK, let’s see, we’ll have a bombastic new HC who’s even had disagreements with Pinball (who disrespects the Pinball?) who chooses to bring in a sandlot style 'Run and Shoot" (how '80’s) offence at the risk of probably losing the best little RB in the League, as well as about 10 other Free Agents. We’re going to end up just like Calgary of last year. Yeehaw!

See ya Joe, you’re a class act, albeit an unsuccessful HC.

NOTE: All of the coaches were told to have their lockers cleaned out by 9:00 AM the day after the last game. Greg Marshall had his bags packed before the start of the game, and I think he said it best when he said that there has to be a conflict of interest when the haed scout, who didn’t do a darn thing to improve the team, now becomes the Head Coach.

I’m glad Paopao STUCK IT to Lonnie by putting an injured Joseph back in to get the required yards needed for that $10,000 bonus. Good on ya Joe.

God help Ottawa, hope at goes well next year and they make the playoffs.

Paopao may have lost an headcoach job, but he will most probably get something better in return: a job as an OC with an organisation not ruled by the Gliebermans.

Supersmith, who will be free agent this season in Ottawa?

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why.......

I'm sure these 2 are REALLY familiar with the CIS. I'm sure they'll do a great job with the draft.

For some reason I'm having a hard time getting excited about next season......

There will be 15 free agents next year. Among them, George Hudson, Corey Banks, Josh Ranek.

Don't worry about that SR2121, I heard Gregg will trade Anthony Collier to Montreal in return for a copy of Jim Popp's prospects in the 2006 draft...

We all agree how the Gleibs are up to their old tricks and have absolutely ni idea what they are doing. Still, were is Bill Smith the minority 49% owner and why didnt he or better still an Ottawa resident step up to buy the team instead of the clowns.

Like who Argotom? Dan Akroyd, Alannis Morrissette? Paul Anka? Lorne Green (oops, he's dead), Tom Green? Terry Matthews? Michael Cowpland?..etc.......These people are not interested in losing money.

Only an American was willing to come in and use this team as a tax write-off.

What do you mean "Michael Cowpland is not interested in losing money"?

Isn't that all he does?

........does he still have that wacky wife, the walking what-not-to-do-for-plastic-surgery example?........

Hmmmmm.... diamond nipples....

Hey, I typed "Cowpland" in Google image to see if Marlen would pop-up (of any dress, of course), and guess what I found?... Michael Cowpland's signature!

There you go Supersmith. Write a 10 million $ check to the Gliebermans and add that signature to the bottom instead of your own. Then tell Lonie and Bernie you act as Mr. Cowpland's representative and will be in charge of the team.

Don't worry about Michael. Its not like he will notice. Its just 10 M$. In a few years, when the team goes well and sellouts regularly, you go see Michael and tell him about that nice success story you built for him. Maybe he'll give you a salary then...

who the heck has their sincere online? your will lose your money faster than you can say weeeeeee.

It seems to me Ottawa has always had a problem in attracting owners for their teams. In addition to the Gleibs, if it wasnt for Eugene Melnyk its unlikely the Sens would be around. As a matter of fact, save and except this year as the Sens are expected to win the Cup hence the early sellouts, this team which had a winning record for many years has had problems also drawing fans. Oh yes, the fickle fans of Ottawa.

In case you haven't heard Argotom, Ottawa is officially labelled "Hockey Country". We're more avid here than anywhere else in the hockey world. We know our hockey.

JJ is here for the fans to begin enjoying the "GOOD TIMES" Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever that means... Edmonton officially labelled itself "City of champions", and... well... There's only so much wishful thinking can do.

........interesting.......Calgary is officially labelled "Handsome Country". We're more good looking here than anywhere else in the beauty world. We know our good looks.............

Ottawa hockey country? Ottawa is not a country but I will say that Canada is hockey country, is and always will be the no. 1 sport here. Which is one reason I love the CFL and Canadian football, it has shown the true Canadian character of perserverance and stubborness, refusing to go down when at times it looked like it might.
We can take hockey for granted in Canada but not football and this is where the magic and mystique also come in for the CFL and Grey Cup. Some years, if you look in the past, hardly anyone showed up for the game while in others it was packed and everything in between. There is a story there every year, which is sort of neat. Hockey, well, no story except that few Canadian teams have won the SC in the last few decades, maybe that is a good story in itself.

Is that your version of "La Belle Province" ? Bunch of copycats...