Former Tiger Cats Honoured

Hall of Famers both

Their paths in football were interwined

One 'did not even try out for the
high school football team in Grade 9.

When he did in Grade 10,
he was among the first cuts.

In the next two seasons, he made
the Burlington Central team

but he didn't win a single game either year.'

The other excelled in football, basketball
and track, at high school in Philadelphia,

and earned a scholarship to Syracuse University
and set many school records as the team's quarterback.

When the Cleveland Browns drafted him
and slotted him in at running back

he eventually headed to Hamilton
to keep his quarterback dreams alive

and "paved the way for other young black men
to play quarterback in Canada and, eventually,
the NFL came to terms with this challenge"

Read about how the two developed
a father/son relationship.

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