Former Tiger-Cat gets "busted" during Mount Hope movie shoot

This is funny :lol:

Hamilton police SWAT team busts movie shoot
It's an arresting script, but Derrek's clean
Gary Yokoyama

Derrek Peels has had some scary ones as a stunt man and ex-Ticat running back. Portraying a cop with a gun for a movie scene in which he was responding to a burglary at a convenience store (in Mt. Hope), he was stunned when the actual police showed up. They told him to put his hands up, pressed him to the ground and handcuffed him.

There were two different scripts being played out that night at the convenience store next to the welding shop in Mount Hope.

In one, Derrek Peels, plastic gun in hand, was going to interrupt a robbery, as a duly deputized officer of the law. That's what he was paid to portray.

In the other, some truly duly deputized officers of the law, real guns in hands (and a German Shepherd at heel), were going to interrupt Derrek Peels.

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