Former Tiger-Cat Coaches - Future Job Prospects?

I see that an old thread about Kent Austin's coaching career is active once again.

When I visited this Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fan Forum, I was expecting to see a thread about Orlondo Steinauer's coaching opportunities down in the USofA. He has grabbed someone's attention . . .

Perhaps Coach O will use June Jones & Jerry Glanville as references . . .

I am not trying to bump this topic, but I noticed that Coach O's image has been bumped off CBS's home page, so here is a direct link to the article that I am referencing . . .

Until Steinauner gets an actual job interview. It's means nothing. .

Steinauer is an okay coach, a better defensive coordinator than a head caoch. I thought he didn't make enough adjustments in the second half in the Grey Cup loss to the Blue Bommbers. That game was still winnable

I mentioned this on the "other leagues" site - I was surprised to see Jeff Reinbold doing the colour commentary for Sky Sports, he's on right now doing the Rams/Seahawks game. When Fox goes to a break, they go back to the Sky studio with Jeff Reinbold. I assume he's been doing this all season for Sky Sports. Not sure if he's back in the studio in England or if Sky has a studio in the US

He’s been doing it for a few years. I believed he’s in London for the telecast.


This is his "other" job, and he has been doing it for years now. :football: :tiger: :+1:

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Yesterday, their broadcast started at 12:30pm or 5:30PM UK time. He was there for all three games, the last game finished at around 04:15 AM UK time. When the US broadcasters took a break for an ad, Sky went to the London studio with Jeff Reinbold and two other guys, plus they were there through the half time shows and between the games.
That's a lot of air time for Reinbold, he's back at it again today for another 3 games. With the pandemic I don't think he's flying back through the week.


RIP Howard Schnellenberger , former TiCat end 1958 . He played 7 games for the Cats . He later coached the Colts , Dolphins, U of Miami , Louisville , Oklahoma , and Florida Atlantic. He was an assistant on the Dolphins perfect season .
May his memory be a blessing .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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I remember Mike Rozier use to call him the "Voice of God" with that booming deep voice he had

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