Former Tiger-Cat Coach/GM Passes.

Bob Shaw. 1921-April 10 2011.

GM from 1975 -77. Head Coach 76-77

An extensive football career in both the NFL and CFL.
Infamous for his assesment of Ron Lancaster in SSK and a controversial coach and GM here. Took over from Geo. Dickson about midway (?) through the 76 season . Under Shaw Jimmy Jones , Jimmy Edwards and co. caught fire in second half of season and narrowly lost to Ottawa in EFC Final. The only glimmer of success in the otherwise disasterous mid - late 70s here.

A coach, GM of the old old school. The rather be feared than liked type with the stories and rumours to match.

No doubt mightypope can give further details of his tenure here.

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In 1976 Shaw took over from Dickson two games into reg. season. I believe the story went Dickson, after losing all four ex. games and first two games of the season, in a postgame interview on the radio stating HAM was "the worst organization I've ever been a part of" or words to that effect...

8) Yes indeed, Bob Shaw was from the old school as a GM and a Head Coach.
  Put him in the same old school category as Ralph Sazio, Jim Trimble and Frank Kush.

   Too many great tales to even remember half of them during his tenure in Hamilton.

    One memberable moment still stands out in my mind.   It involved Bob Shaw when he was the HC  here, and he got 
    into a physical altercation with former TiCat Star CB, David Shaw on the sideline during a game in Hamilton.

     Bob was giving David a real dressing down in front of the Cat bench.  Apparently David was not in the mood to listen
     to him and more or less gave him the finger, and turned his back on Bob.

     Bob immediately grabbed David by the back of his jersey and almost lifted him off the ground to reprimand him.

     Ahh, the good old days for sure !!!       Memories galore.

      I believe after he left Hamilton that Bob was a scout for the New York Yankees for a while also.

My condolences to his loved ones.

after 72 the 70's where bad to our Ticats

It sad to see another link to our great past gone
My condolences to the Family

He was a relic , out of place even in the seventies, from an age where coach and management could treat a player like a lowly army private.

"Former Tiger-Cat Coach/GM Passes"???
Passes what?
Why are we so afraid to say DIE? the man died.

Meh. people get the jist of it.

Considering how broad his career was his death received very little or no notice. Only the popular and well liked get remembered ? Or was is it just too long ago.

More about him and a photo in this story from Regina:

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Neglected to mention he won COY for salvaging (or getting the credit for salvaging) the 1976 season here.

CFL Career Playing Stats

Year Team___GP__TD__Con__FG__S_Points
1951 CGY____14___4___30___3___2___61
1952 CGY____16___9___38___8___3__110
1953 CGY_____2___0____1___0___0____1
1953 TOR_____8___0___11___1___0___14

Why are you so hung up on this issue? Give it a rest.

8) Still no mention of his death in the Spectator yet, or even on the Scratching Post .
 Pretty sad for sure, considering his tenure with the TiCat organization.

Not completely forgotten in SSK.
Unfortunately alomst all negative esp. the retelling of how he almost made Ron Lancaster quit football.

Shaw's life was stuff of Hollywood
Thursday, April 14, 2011 03:08 AM
By Rob Oller
The Columbus Dispatch


"He moved on to the CFL, where he set a scoring record as a kicker and finally retired to become a coach in both the CFL and NFL. He was named CFL coach of the year in 1976."

to read article, click the link:

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