Former #Ticats OC Condell Argos new Special Advisor

bobo, How can you see a backwards slam on Austin in that???

Yeah, that doesn't look like an attack on Austin at all, just an expression of the respect Grant has for Condell.

Well like I said , you can read what you want into it and it can be interpreted in many ways , so being that it's totally up to one's own interpretation both Grover and D&P can read into it one way and others can read into it another totally different way. My interpretation could be totally wrong but I read "Great teams start with building the right culture" as Grant's way of saying that the Cats and Austin along with Condell were on the right track when it comes to building the right culture BUT that culture took a big hit last year after Austin allowed so many key players (including Bakari ) to walk away in FA and then it was further eroded when Condell pulled up stakes and suddenly left the team.

Personally I think that while certain players won't say it publicly I think that a lot of them were upset with Condell's sudden resignation last year and I think that perhaps there were certain players that had a greater respect for Condell as a coach than they had for Austin as a HC.

Like others have said about this situation , there's more to this than meets the eye. I think it's rather obvious that somebody is not telling the whole truth here about the sudden divorce between Austin and Condell last year and now the sudden marriage between Condell and the Argos this year.

I guess you could say he let them walk, but The TiCats had 37 Free Agents to try and sign, by far the most in the League.
It was impossible to re-sign everyone.
Sure Condell and Austin no doubt had a spat, everyone gets PO'ed at their boss or upset with their job, but Condell quit.
Quit on the Team, the Players and the Fans. He had a contract to fulfill and bailed on it, leaving everyone in a horrible predicament including himself.
You don't build culture with quitters!

BTW - there will be big turnover again this year as we have 26 FA's (most in the League again) and Collaros new contract kicks in. :frowning:

Who placed the team in the precarious and untenable position whereby this excessive number of players (by far the most in the league) would all become free agents at the same time?

You claim Condell "bailed" on the contract but there must have been a contractual obligation remaining between Condell and the Ti-Cats after he left. I don't think the Ti-Cats could have legally prevented Condell from earning a living by accepting a job with another team unless the team was still paying him or some sort of alternate settlement had been reached by mutual agreement.

Considering the length of time Austin and Condell had worked together, this was no "spat". IMO, there had to be a serious failure of the relationship (such as a refusal to honour a promise or commitment) that made it impossible for the two to continue "under the same roof".

Oh well Tommy is gone, has been now for a full season and obviously moved on if just down the road to Toronto and the Arblows, we wish him all the best in his new role and look forward to kicking the Blew Teams butt this season!!


Interesting turn of events. I have no idea how it all came about or what reasons there may have been for Tommy C's departure, or his absence from football afterwards, or his joining the Argos now. Nor have I any idea what future role he may play with them, or with any other team.

Funny how things go. When he came to Hamilton some people didn't care for it... he was just a "crony" of Austin who didn't know the CFL. Now, to some he's a victim of some sort of nasty machinations by Austin. Some think Orlondo S was treated badly/ betrayed/ shafted too. There could be some "alternative facts" involved in all of this, but no one really knows the truth of it except those directly involved.

I figure it's an organization like any other; some people leave, some people stay, new ones arrive. I wish him well in his new endeavour-- the Argos sure need good help.

2016 was the 2nd year of the new CBA where the club option year in all contracts had all expired.
True it was on Austin to try and foresee that coming, but I think he was going for a Championship the previous year after back to back Grey Cup appearences

Reading all of our speculation is fascinating. But I'll bet the players (and their friends) who are still around know what happened. To me, Bakari's tweet smacked of innuendo towards Kent Austin.

Whether we find out what really happened or not, the rivalry between us and the Blue Team will take on some added meaning this season if Tommy Condell ends up as the HC. That's good for the fans of both teams.
Our rebuilding efforts appear to be stuck in neutral because of injuries and poor scouting so I am not too optimistic yet about this coming season.

Maybe Condell will have better luck with the Blue team. I watched him many times at practices and enjoyed seeing him firing up the players...all of whom are way taller than him. Heck...even Natalie from CHCH TV was taller. :slight_smile:

It hasnt been the same team since Condell left.

If it was a family issue (as was said at the time) presumably the issue is resolved if Condell is returning to football. So then why aren't the Cats welcoming him back?

Based on that sequence of events there was eiher a problem at the time between Condell and the Cats organization or there is now.

Yes, 2015 was probably Hamilton's best opportunity to win a Grey Cup. Kent Austin squandered that opportunity by failing to ensure that a game-ready, capable back-up QB was available in case Collaros went down.

That's the fun part, apparently he was blocked from joining the Argos last season, so whatever the issue was, it must have been resolved a long time ago if that nugget of info is true. The tweet is somewhere earlier in the thread.

If it wasn't for that tweet, I probably wouldn't think to much into it, but IF it is true, then it's pretty obvious that there was a falling out between Condell and the organization somewhere along the line of command.

I hope he becomes the head coach, it'd be good for the rivalry.

The thing that doesn't make any sense is the fact that if Condell is indeed named eventually as the new HC of the Boat Anchors then why wasn't he just named as the HC in the first place ? Why all the BS about him being named some sort of a Special Advisor (Whatever the Hell that is :roll: ) in the first place ? Personally I agree with a lot of people in here in saying Let him go to the Argos . Hey if Tommy wants to jump to a sinking ship then have at it and good luck to him. If anything it will make the rivalry between the two teams all the more interesting with Austin on one side and Condell on the other . All I do know is that the Anchors better get off their collective butts soon and announce just who they have lined up ( if they do indeed have anybody lined up ) as GM and HC or poor old Tommy won't have anybody to advise to anyway. :cowboy:

It's related to the reason Milanovich left: the Argos currently have no GM, and the GM makes the call on who the head coach will be. By hiring Condell now, the Argos at least have someone under contract they can delegate some of the senior football ops duties to without making any implied promises to the assistant coaches. If the eventual GM decides to make Condell HC, they've lost nothing by leaving the final decision until then.

You've nailed it!

Also The newly appointed Asst GM Spencer Zimmerman(who was just awarded the Job the Day that Barker was let go) has ties to Condell as he worked with Condell on the TiCats for 3 years before becoming the TOR Head scout last season.
Perhaps Zimmerman asked Copeland to hire Condell as an advisor.
5 years ago Zimmerman was an unpaid intern for the TiCats, he has come a long way in a very short time!

The Spencer Zimmerman story is very much like the rise of Alex Anthopoulos with the Blue Jays. Alex graduated from McMaster while Spencer attended Waterloo University. Both are bright, young Canadian leaders in sport. One was replaced by a moron from the Cleveland Indians. Double A is now with the L A Dodgers while Spencer's story is still being written.

For those that think that Canadians can't do the job, you can add U of Guelph grad Tom Dimitroff of the Atlanta Falcons to the list of bright, young, Canadian managerial talent. Tom was born in Ohio but grew up in Canada. His dad, of course, played Qb for the Ottawa Rough Riders and later was a CFL coach. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

seymour: How do you know he has "nailed it"? Do you have a source?

I'm guessing "nailed it" in the same way that I almost posted the same thing. No definitive source but it makes sense based on historical patterns of sport operations. Has the strong 'feel' of likelihood about it.

Precisely....... you've nailed it! :smiley: