Former #Ticats OC Condell Argos new Special Advisor

Can this get any crazier??? :roll:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 32m32 minutes ago
Former #Ticats offensive coordinator Tommy Condell has joined the #Argos as a special advisor #CFL

Very Interesting ?

Didn't he quit the Cats before last season? What is going on?

[i]Condell quit last year. Steinauer quit this year.

It's clear that no one wants to work for Kent Austin. That is why he searched for a DC for 2 months, couldn't find one, and HAD to give the job to Reinebold.

Austin wins the GC this year, or else he should walk the plank! :cowboy: [/i]

Condell's offence in the 2015 Eastern Final against Ottawa with Masoli as QB was very impressive if it wasn't for Burris's hail mary caught by Ellingson the Cat's would have made it to the cup three years in a row . His play calling and adaptation to what the defence was giving them needs to be credited to someone either Condell or Austin . Since Condell was the OC I will give it to Condell .

This is a gain for the Argos on paper .

WTF is a Special Advisor? Sounds like they making things up as they go along. If they need guidance, why ask it from someone who has only been an Assistant Coach in the CFL? Anyway as the Argos need a HC, he will just advise the team that he himself is the perfect choice. Maybe that is already the Argo's plan as now they are no longer required to pay the remaining portions of Scott Milanovich's salary once he voluntarily resigned.

The Jared Kushner of The Argos. :lol:

Good question....WTF is a Special Advisor ? My thoughts exactly and another question you have to ask is with the Argos having no GM or HC at the present time , just who in the Hell is Condell suppose to be advising ? Oh well maybe the team hired him to advise the Argo Cheer leading squad or perhaps the water boy OR maybe it's the team mascot ?
What a weird and strange off season this has been , and to think we haven't even reached Free Agency yet . :? :cowboy:

Arash MadaniVerified account ?@ArashMadani 11h11 hours ago
Per sources: Argos had tried to hire Condell last year in a similar role, but were blocked by the Tiger-Cats at the time. #CFL

The Argos have desired Condell as a special advisor for a long time...he might have advised against Barker trading the first pick for Willy, at the behest of Milanovich.

Condell special advisor to Clements during FA period? Or another NFL hire.

.....Good thing he wasn't there and didn't.....know what I'm sayin' :wink:

That's what you call your Head Coach in waiting while he vets your GM candidates )

I'm not sure Condell is ready for a HC job
He has only been a Coordinator behind Austin in HAM and I would imagine that Austin pretty much ran that Offense.
Outside of his time behind Austin at Cornell and the TiCats as the OC, his resume reads

Saskatchewan Roughriders (offensive co-ordinator, 2006)
Ottawa Renegades (quarterbacks, receivers coach, pass game co-ordinator, 2004-'05)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (special-teams co-ordinator, 1997).

Also the newly named Asst GM Spencer Zimmerman when Barker got fired was just hired last year as the head scout.
He came up thru the TiCats, started as an unpaid intern 5 seasons ago.

This whole thing just seems to be 3 months late to me.It sure is going to rush things,coaches,free agency,the draft.A total rebuild needs as much time as possible.

Zimmerman????? wow... Condell is a football guru compared to this volunteer.

Rex Ryan? Tom Clements?, hell AngeloV from argofans would be more qualified than this Zimmerman-nobody.

Condell is a good hire btw

What does an advisor do ?
Ask any ALs fan.

They had a few of them. Including Jeff Garcia and Don Mathews.
Yes, get some people in to tell the QB how to not think for himself.

Now as for Condell, something is just fishy.

He bolts last minute for what I think were made up reasons.
No word from him, the he shows us as an Argo SA.

Sounds like a phantom position.
He comes back to the CFL, yet not with the Cats.??????

How about Steph become ST coach and open the OC job for Tommy.
Cats lose an OC , DC, and last season a bus load of FA's.

It is one thing for people to move on for career advancement, it is another thing to move on just to " get the hell out ".

What is going on in the Hammer, that people want to exit ?
Whatever it is, they do a good job of keeping a lid on it.

There have been way to many departures for me to think anything other than an internal problem.
When people are happy and satisfied, they stick around.

For the record, Garcia wasn't an advisor. He was brought in as QB coach the year we had to fire Rick Worman in training camp. But the point is well-taken. We've had three advisors in four years -- Doug Berry (2013), Don Matthews (2014), and Jacques Chapdelaine (2016). And it has not ended well in any of those years.

That is right, now I remember.
Thanks for the correction DP.

RW was fired for drinking during a meeting or film session.
Fired on the spot by Higgs.
Perhaps a stern strip down one side and up the other would have been more in line.

That is what pisses me off even more about this Stamps ordeal.

People get the boot for poor twitters and PC moral issues, but commit a crime and you get sympathy and understanding. :roll:

I think you guys are missing the point. Copeland as a member of the Argos is not allowed to speak to anyone under contract without permission. Condell can reach out to anyone he wants.