Former TiCat Prechae- 2 catches for 3 yds?

Former TiCat receiver Prechae Rodrigues caught 2 passes for 3 yds. against the Cats this weekend.
I guess there is a reason why Prechae has played for 5 teams the past 3 seasons...

Hard to believe he racked up 1,100 yds receiving in his 2008 rookie campaign..
And I fully expected him to improve on those numbers with added experience in this league.

Boy was I wrong. :expressionless:

Same here tangledweb, he sure fooled everybody and what about Bauman, what’s he done for Ed.

True catfish, Bauman has been a bust for Edmonton...And an expensive one to boot. Edmonton surprised many people this year when they signed him somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 per annum or something to that effect.

While with the Cats, he was mostly ineffective although played a couple of decent games last year..

On the whole, Bauman has never lived up to his promise and likely never will after 5 seasons in the CFL.

8) I would be surprised if Prechae is on the Argo roster much longer. If he is, it will only be because of injuries to
  the other receivers  right now.

  Coach Barker was not too impressed with Prechae's play, especially with his dropped pass in the endzone !!
   Of course that was a result of a little smack to the face of Prechae, courtesy of Bo Smith !!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

   Barker stated that, that pass just has to be caught !!

Tipper, stop spreading lies about Bo Smith. He is a very nice young man and would not do the kinds of things you are talking about. He was very kind to my daughter and I won’t have you talk about him that way lol. He was interferred with by the Cryin Hawaiian and that was not called so I guess it all evens out. :wink:

Preschae is soft. Too bad he turned out to be such a bust and I’ve heard nothing but bad things about him.

I remember when P-Rod used to be huge

One hit wonder, CFL history is filled with them :roll:

And Printers is one of the biggest.

From MOP 2004 to zilch.

Well I do agree that Printers was a one hit wonder, he still had enough skill to beat us 2 years ago :expressionless: I think Prechae is a bigger one hit wonder then Printers.

You may very well be right...
...the fact that Printers 2004 MOP season consisted of over 5,000 yds passing, and 35 TD's
and his BEST season since then was in 2010 consisting of 1,700 yds and 10 TD's certainly makes him a viable candidate for one hit wonder..

And hard to believe, but in between those years, he had even far worse stats.

If I were Prechae I would not get too comfortable in Toronto.

Changes coming for beleaguered Argonauts

Changes will come, if not now then prior to next June’s training camp, and most of those will involve receivers.

After yet another putrid offensive outing and yet another loss Saturday night, Barker served notice that things are about to change with the 3-10 Argos.

“There are changes that have to be made,? Barker said after a 27-12 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a game that once again exposed the weaknesses of the Argo passing attack.

He talked about receivers failing to come up with easy passes while their opponents made big plays. In a game that featured playmakers, none wore double blue.

“We have to find those guys,? he said. “We’ve got five games left and we’re going to battle hard and be an eight-win team and see what happens.

“This is professional football. They get the ball thrown to them and they’ve got to make plays, period, or you’ve got to find other receivers.

“We’ll find the right guys. I have no doubt about it in my mind.?

My guess with Bauman and Prechae is their height gets them more benefit of the doubt than their performance deserves. It was very surprising Tillman overpaid for Bauman, but he probably wanted to make a big splash in his new job in Edmonton. Maybe if Bauman started playing the game earlier he would have developed into the player most believe he's capable of. Currently he's on Edm's one game injury list; has eleven catches for 132 yards for the season. Of the four major sports I believe football is the best example of a player requiring more than just talent or potential to be successful.

If Barker was actually putting down Prechae because he didn't catch that jump ball in the end zone

he spoke too soon, that is, before he watched the film. Emotion must have got the best of him

right after the game because their play off chances are all but over. On that pass in the end zone

Bo beat him in the battle for that ball but Prechae will win most of those battles. He's proven that.

In my opinion, Barker was just dragging out that old cliche "you have got to make plays!"

People are hung up over the fact that Prechae only caught two passes for 3 yards.

Do they criticise a great running back for only making three yards in two carries?

Logically, they should blame the coaches for not calling enough running plays.


If Barker is smart he will tell his coaches to give Prechae the opportunity

to have seven or eight passes a game thrown his way from here on in.

If he does, Prechae should catch every pass that is thrown close to him,

if he doesn't, then, his detractors will have reason to tell me..I told you so.