Former Ticat Lumsden Scores TD in Redskins/Ravens Scrimmage

Fans on the Washington Redskins website have reported that former Ticat running back Jesse Lumsden scored a touchdown in the Redskins' scrimmage against Baltimore Ravens at FedEx Field in Washington this afternoon. While details are not yet available on the length of the run, one fan referred to it as a "nice run".

Good for him -- I wish him all the best!

Oski Wee Wee,

good for him :slight_smile: id like to see him do well in washington there my second fav nfl team :slight_smile:

Go Lumsden!!! I wish him all the best in Washington. I hope you make the team

hey you gotta link? i cant find it anywhere on there

nevermind i found it.

"Leading the way on the ground was running back Jesse Lumsden, the Canadian import who logged six carries for 32 yards and one touchdown. Fullback Nehemiah Broughton got a long look, carrying six times for 21 yards."

but where did the fan say it was nice?

Way to go Jessie.Maybe that will quiet down the doubters around here about him having any chance of making the team.

After this scrimmage, Jesse will make the Redskins.... His CFL days are behind him and it's time for us to move on. He'll be on specials and maybe get some carries in the event of injuries or a blow-out. Seriously though, how sick would a Lumsden/Radlein backfield have been ?

There is a nice article titled "Lumsden Makes Impression In Scrimmage" posted by Gary Fitzgerald on after the scrimmage today. Here is an excerpt:

Jesse Lumsden took a handoff and broke to the right. Solid blocking allowed Lumsden to cut through the line of scrimmage. He slipped through a tackle and ran into the end zone for a 12 yard run.

Lumsden, a first-year player hoping to earn a roster spot with the Redskins, has opened eyes during training camp.

Joe Gibbs has certainly taken notice.

"In every single work day, there hasn't been a day where we have looked at the film and didn't say 'This guy is quick'", Gibbs said. "[Special team coordinator] Danny Smith likes him on special teams. He's very smart. We'll give him some key roles which I think he could fill."

"There hasn't been a practice where he hasn't done something to catch somebody's eye, so I'd say he is one of the guys we're really looking at. He's a promising young guy and deserves some work."

man, i just get shivers hearing som1 talk about him like that, i think this is amazing for a candian runner back to be in the nfl, and now that coaches are saying stuff like that he must feel real good, good luck jesse we're rootin for yah!:slight_smile:

wow i just read it way to go Jesse

"Canadian import". That sounds funny.

hope this works

Way to go Hamilton Hopeful.


Canadian guy: Lumsden's no good, over hyped.

American guy: he's very smart..promising..deserves some work.

Canadian guy: yeah..he is good isn't he?

The Canadian way isn't it?

This is not necessarily directed at any of the above posters but I think we all remember some posters who thought Jesse wouldn't even be able to cut it in the CFL.