Former TiCat Great Passes Away

8) Former TiCat running back, Dick Cohee has passed away at the age of 72.
  Choee spent 5 years with the Cats, appearing in 3 Grey Cup games from 1964 to 1968, winning 2 of them.

   He had a 9 year CFL career, playing also with Montreal and Regina, before joining the TiCats.

   Cohee was a two way player, and also was a punt returner and a defensive back.

    I remember him as being a threat every time he touched the ball, and he was a very exciting player to watch !!

    Condolences to his family.  
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I remember him well. He was a fine player. Condolences to his family.

HERE'S A FEW MORE MEMORIES!!!!!$(KGrHqF,!jkE2HRjbf!KBNwH!010Ng~~0_35.JPG
T.D. RUN!!!! "65" GREY CUP!!!!!

Dick Cohee was a very good two way player. Condolences to his family.

I remember that team well. That was back in the day when anyone who had Canadian parents or was born in Canada could play in what we now call a non-import. Billy Wayte, Ted Page, Bill Danychuck, Gerry McDougall and Bronco Nagurski all came in under that rule. Also I believe Ellison Kelly, Angelo Mosca and John Barrow played as Canadians as well after taking out Canadian citizenship. They were a great team.
Wouldn't mind the Canadian content changed back to anybody born in Canada be given non-import status. With Ottawa and possibly Halifax coming in down the road, the league need a bigger pool of Canadian players.

By the way. Who is number 65 in the front row between McDougall and Mosca?

Edit: Just saw his name on the Cup. Marty Martinello. A good Middle Guard in his day.

Would it be Marty Martinello?

I remember Cohee. As a kid, I thought now that's what a football player's name should be. Along side others like Joe Zuger, Tommy a Grant, etc. etc.

RIP Mr. Cohee

An Argo-Cat fan


ETC. ETC.......meaning Henley and Bethea!!!! :smiley: :thup:

You are correct, sir!

1965 TI-Cat Offensive team starters

Dick Cohee was a very versatile football player and he was comfortable on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

His three Grey Cup appearances speak for themselves along with his great team mates,of course.

He will long be remembered as a CFL stalwart.

RIP, Dick.

Thanks for the picture bobo. It brings back a lot of boyhood memories. One in fact was having Ellison Kelly as a supply gym teacher at Barton in the early 70's. 8)

Thanx!!!! :thup: I had Mr.#14 Bob Krouse as one of my teachers in grade 6 or 7,in the early 70's.Believe me,nobody fooled around or goofed off in his class.I do remember him bringing in his Grey Cup rings to show the class,nice memory!!
It's hard to believe that he had 4 of them(63,65,67,72)in a 10 yr span,considering that the team since 72,his last one,has only won the Cup 3 times in the last 41 yrs.

Thanks for the info and pics everyone! :thup:

With the passing of any of the of the great Tiger-Cats of those best Tiger-Cat years, so many memories come back.
I appreciate all the comments and photos shared here. How about those hardly ever worn "all whites" in the '65 team picture? They looked sharp when topped with the old gold helmets. And, that's a textbook tackle, by Bob O'Billovich #10.

It's interesting to look at the names on those Grey Cup plates,and notice how many players were on multiple championships in that glorious 10 yr span.Unlike today when free agency makes it hard to keep a team intact,and roster turnover is inevitable from year to year,back then the teams had an identity and familiarity to them.There is 3 players who played on all 4 championship teams(Mosca,Henley,Krouse)and 10 who played on the "67" and "72" team,and 5 who played on the 65,67,72 teams.It seemed like back then every team had players who you identified with the team they played on like the Green Riders for example with Lancaster,Reed or the other Riders with Jackson,Stewart etc.How times have changed,back then teams would have players it seemed for their whole careers or most of their careers.It seems like in today's world of sports if a player is on the same team for more than 2-3 yrs he's considered an old time vet.As an example just look at the Cats current roster outside of Hage,Dykowski,Stala,Johnson and Beswick every other player has been here between 1-3 years,with most of them in the rookie or 2nd season category.The era of having 10 yr+
veterans like Henley,Barrow,Mosca,Krouse,Grant,Zuger,Fleming etc are I'm sad to say it seems a thing of the past :cry:

Yes, those days of career Ticats like Barrow and Henley are long gone. One big reason is the negotiation of collective agreements with the CFLPA that provide for free agency after each contract. Back in the 60s, there wasn't free agency. If the team wanted you back, you came back... you didn't have the choice to just sign elsewhere. I do regret that loss of continuity, but it won't return, with rare exceptions that prove the rule.