Former TiCat Casey Printers joins IFL

..with Terrell Owens.

[b]Casey Printers has found a place to play football. The former CFL quarterback will be playing alongside Terrell Owens for the Allen Wranglers in the upcoming season of the Indoor Football League.

Printers signed a deal with the Wranglers on February 3[/b].

What I don't understand is: How can they possibly play football indoors and have room for any fans in the stands. Surely the combined egos of TO and CP won't leave much room inside the arena for anything that approaches consideration of being a fan. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought he had signed with the LFL?

No, that would be Burris. :wink:

:lol: You beat me to it.

Wonder if he will get another case of Turf Toe again when he starts to lose! I lost all respect for this jerk when we released him and when he return to flip off fans and have total disrespect! Maybe he should right another book. :lol: :lol:

Good luck to Casey. Hope things work out for him.

I hope they do too. I don't expect to see him back in the CFL, but if he can earn a living in the IFL, good for him.

I dono why everyone hates the guy so much...
He has always been the same guy, hes cocky and likes the attention but he was like that before he became a cat and everyone loved him then. I hope he has a good season.

i hope he plays well enough to make his way back the the CFL one day. maybe for the ottawa renegades?

Tim Cheatwood since leaving here has been in the same league with Cleveland but I notice he has not reported for this year.

I don’t hate him. I wish him luck. He was very nice when my kids had a chance to chat with him while he was here and he did his best for the team even if that wasn’t good enough. The fact that the team HIGHLY overpaid him should be something the fans are angry at the team about not at Printers. Who would be dumb enough to turn down that much money? “Oh no Bob Young don’t pay me that much I haven’t proven myself yet” :roll: Yeah that will happen.

Like Springsteen sang, Glory Days...............................

I'm not certain how long this league can remain solvent as only a few thousand patrons attend matches and players make literally a few hundred per game...

What is the discrepancy, is any, between the IFL and the AFL? (Arena Football League)

exactly how i feel, will not be surprised if he found his way back to the cfl

Owens was outstanding!! in his first game - 3 TDs
If the NFL doesn't want him we should bring him here. :smiley:

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Signing TO would require that he first be on our non-public negotiation list. If he is on our list and is interested he would be an interesting signing to say the least. One wonders however if he might be too much of a distraction for the other players and hence be a negative rather than a positive influence on the team.

Singing past-due NFL players is more of an Argo thing to do.

Printers, on the other hand, was not exactly outstanding...not horrid mind you, yet not outstanding.

He was 5 for 11 for 54 yds and 1 TD in split duty.

Who cares, really, unless we need him of course in case of injury. :wink: