Former Ticat attempting to resurrect U of T

When Greg Gary told friends he was going to take over the University of Toronto football program, a few of them were taken a tad aback.

The Varsity Blues? Canada's laughingstock? The guys who last decade broke the all-time record for consecutive losses (49) and have gone 13-106-2 since last making the playoffs in 1995?

"Yes, there were people who said 'Greg, that's going to be a tough haul, that's going to be tough sledding down there,'" says Gary now, sitting in his nice office at the south end of Varsity Stadium.

That part about the office is important, because it's next to a dressing room that would make the Hamilton Tiger-Cats jealous, up the stairs from a gorgeous field where, if you listen hard enough, you can just faintly hear the echoes waking up from a long, long slumber.

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(On a side note, it's a bit funny to me that two guys responsible for resurrecting storied football franchises in Toronto are both from Hamilton, both formerly associated with TiCats, and both involved in the transport business.)

I'm sure that the new IWS will have offices that are nicer than the one at U of T. But then U of T's stadium isn't exactly what I might call a stadium worthy of one of Canada's largest universities. In fact it's a bit of a joke for such a prestigious university, I doubt it even competes with Ivy League schools of which I'm sure U of T would like to compare themselves to academically.


They got blown out by Ottawa on Saturday.

I'm not sure whether you're correcting the article or pointing out the uphill battle facing Gary. If it's the former, Toronto did beat Ottawa last year, and I'm pretty sure that's what the article is referring to.

What is an average attendance for VB games?

Hey Earl ...

whats so nice about TD waterhouse

You boast about London so much so explain the real differences ..apart from how the stands are situated ..whats really different here

This is a task of biblical proportions, this Gary has to be shooting for sainthood.

He best bring his sleeping bag and hot plate....he's about to start on a lot of long nights at the office...

Lots of great memories of football games at Varsity Stadium 1967-1971.

U of T played well and in 1969 we even had the Hec Creighton winner who was drafted by Calgary, and during training camp was traded to Winnipeg.

Sunny Saturday afternoons and The Lady Godiva Memorial Band! 5-7,000 people filled most games.

For $3.00 per year you got an "athletic card" which got you into 5 football games and 25 Varsity Hockey games. That was 10 cents a game.

I was smart enough to by 2 cards for a "guest to come along. I was starting some serious dating with a young lady and I mentioned to my roommate that since my date was only costing me a dime for her, "didn't that make her less than a two-bit date?"

Almost married that gal!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thanks again to the OP. I should go back! Hey, maybe before Saturday's Argo game.... wonder how much the tickets are nowadays :wink:


All I know is I've enjoyed the sightlines there and game experience more than at the Rogers Centre for football. (sorry Ryck but that is the way I feel) The way it is. I loved the few games at TD Waterhouse that I've been to. :wink:

Not nearly as good as IWS though for sure. The Rogers Centre to me is a baseball stadium for the most part with how it's set up with the seats. And that is fine, the baseball fans have a decent stadium for their needs. I don't like it for football, that's all.

The U of T's priorities are anything but varsity sports like football and hockey. Those are seen as "male" sports dominated by gronks. They are more interested in increasing participation rates of things like recreational running, freestyle frisbee and learn-to-swim programs. I'm only partly kidding. Given the school's priorities, anyone wanting to turn around the Varsity Blues fortunes will have a tough road ahead.

BTW, I'm a U of T alumni.

An Argo-Cat fan

Although Barney U of T boasted excellent varsity football and hockey teams not that long ago. What happened there to change the mentality I wonder?

At the risk of sounding like a chauvinist, the U of T's athletic director is a woman. Her priority is obviously not male-dominated varsity sports. Like many fields and professions, phys ed at the U of T has been "pinked". I heard her on Bob McKown's show a couple of years ago and I doubt if she can spell f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l.

An Argo-Cat fan

Greg Gary's son is a Mac Marauder, and U of T plays Mac tomorrow (Thursday) night. Oh the drama!

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