Former TiCat Art Darch Passes Away

Former TiCat player, Art Darch died this past week. Art played for the Cats for 7 years, (52-58) as a first string OG.

He competed in 4 Grey Cup games, winning 2 Championships in 1953 and 57.

Art was an originating member of the TiCat Alumni Association, and was also a past President of the same.
In 2012, he received the Alumni Association "Award of Distinction".

Art was 81.

Condolences to his family.

I remember Art vaguely when he played for us in the 50’s where he played on a couple of grey cup teams, (I was only a youngster then), and I believe he finished his career down the road in TO. Sad to see the old guys going one by one.

I don't remember his time as a Ticat, and only vaguely recall him with the Argos. I did know he was involved in the alumni association. Much sympathy to his family and friends.

I remember Art's career well and was privileged a couple of times to meet him. He was a good
football player and a standup gentleman. RIP.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Art Darch, our condolences to the Darch Family and friends just another one of the many ex-Ti-Cats in the sky to watch over our team, RIP Art Darch.

Condolences to the Darch family. But thanks, Tipper, for sharing a bit of team history.

More info on Art Darch is available here:

And here's his only football card in Ticat colours, from the 1956 Shredded Wheat set:

Condolences to the family, Art was a great man. I have had many conversations with Art over the last few years and I could not stress to you enough how great of man he was. All- around nice guy, who would lookout for everyone around him and in his community before looking after himself. I hope everyone can raise a glass and have a drink for Art!