Former Ticat Arrested

Arrested for allegedly striking a 9-year-old Autistic child in the face while working as a behavioural support teacher. He will have his day in court.

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‘Never strike an autistic child’ is probably on page one of his training manual textbook… a fact that he would know unless Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had that textbook burned for being ‘woke’.

Anyway, keep your head on a swivel Prechae Rodriguez. A 9 year old autistic child would react differently to a beating than would your typical 9 year old. He might not show emotion or anger but anyone who’s seen The Accountant would understand the possibility that this child when fully grown might ‘have to finish’ what you started.


Um, never strike a child, period. ASD or not.


Exceptions to every rule. Legally a child could be 17. Kid has a knife and someone is cornered I can forgive a strike.

That’s a completely different situation. The kid in question was 9.

I’m aware. I was responding to “Never strike a child”.

I was replying to Maaax, though, purely on the subject of ‘Never strike a child with ASD’ in a training setting.

I’m not a computer guy so when I didn’t see what Max said in your reply, I figured it was a random thought. My bad. Thankfully I didn’t say “I was okay with striking a child if you’re a pitcher during a baseball game.”

LMAO It’s all good.

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Yes. You’re quite right.

The only time any of us can strike a child and not get charged is when we’re children ourselves… of similar age. In grade four I got into a few dust ups that caused the grade five and six guys to leave me alone. It was early puberty that made me a wee bit volatile. A couple years later it was early maturation that caused me to settle down at the same time that everyone around me was losing their minds. I was seriously out of sync.


I’m not the greatest fighter in the world but most people didn’t have a defense against me sitting on them. Go with your strengths, I say.

Good on you for staying out of trouble in your older years.

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Especially if the kid is 9, has autism, and you are a giant sized ex athlete.

If true I hope he is prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law.


It’s just so upsetting to see a child assaulted like this in a workplace where the accused is supposed to be a support for kids in the classroom. I’m not saying the assault would be “better” somehow if it had been at home, of course. But man, if your actual job is to work with kids, how do you do something like this?


I’m not going to make excuses for him… but have you ever spent time with a mentally challenged person? It can be very stressful. I’ve had to experience up close the mental decline or impairment of three people in my household so far since the Millennium. Two are now dead while the third is roaming the streets somewhere. I nearly went bonkers myself having to spent 24/7 here… thank gosh for Home Care workers. They gave me a few hours every other day to myself during the worst of it.

A friend of mine has a school-aged child who’s autistic. He’s not a bad kid but if say ‘hello’ to him he’ll ignore you. He’ll come across as totally inconsiderate but his reality is different from ours. So is his focus. Imagine working a 9 to 5 job where you find out that you’re in the wrong field because you have the wrong temperament and you’re stuck… and highly stressed just thinking about it EVERY DAY. We might find out that Prechae just snapped.

Not everybody is cut out to be a hero.


I’m not saying that this is the case with Rodriguez but I know a couple of teachers who have been punched, scratched and bitten by Special Needs children. In my opinion they are underpaid for the job that they do and stress they bring home to their families.

You definitely need an extremely high level of tolerance for that job and not everyone is cut out for it.


Right - judging him is easy. But we don’t know the full story either.


It’s a shame him and I were good friends at one point.
Obviously something drastic has changed.

Probably not… I have a severe form of PTSD and there is a shared spectrum of “problems” with autism, ADHD and other conditions. I am generally not violent - but don’t EVER stand beside my bed to wake me up - I WILL attack you, or nurses or anyone else.
It’s not a conscious reaction either.

So until all is said and done - lets not be hasty in saying he did something wrong…