Former Stamps owner/player John Forzani on life support

[u]Former Calgary Stampeder John Forzani on life support after heart attack[/u]

[b]- Former Calgary Stampeder John Forzani suffered a heart attack Thursday and is on life support at a Palm Springs Hospital in California.
The 67-year-old Forzani had only recently embraced retirement after selling the Forzani Group, a company he co-founded in Calgary. Tom Forzani confirmed his older brother was on life support and that the family was deciding what to do next.

John Forzani, along with Joe, were teammates when Calgary won the 1971 Grey Cup. After his football career ended, John the business degree to work by opening Forzani's Locker Room, a sporting goods store that ultimately grew to a national company.

Forzani was also a part owner in the Stampeders in a group of 12 partners, including some former players, Bob Viccars and Dave Sapunjis. The Calgary Flames purchased a majority share in the CFL franchise two years ago.[/b]

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God thank he’s rich… Being on life support in the USA is over 10k/day. His son has had his share of bad luck as well with a horrible ankle injury that will not heal…
I guess the moral of the story is to take vacations once in awhile… This guy worked hard his whole life and might not get to enjoy his golden years now… If there is a miracle out there, hopefully he gets it

Hoping for a miracle as well Bungle for him. Man, don't sweat the small stuff that's for sure.

Forzanni passes away at the age of 67.

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RIP John

...terrible loss to the CFL and the Calgary community...JF was a solid supporter of both through his philanthropy and passion....prayers to his family today, rest in peace....

Even if you are on Medicare? and if he is a non-resident I'm sure he would have insurance

Condolences to the family of an ex great player

He may have had insurance… He may have not… That Canadian skier had to have fundraisers even after she was dead.

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Reguardless… This is a sad loss… The younger Foramzi is his nephew and not his son…
Hopfully he can make a return next season and continue the family legacy.

Yes that was sad and they admitted they screwed up and should have had insurance. And it is no different in Canada, if a foreign skier or athlete has an accident in Canada and they didn't have insurance, they would be in the same position.
Any foreigner coming to Canada must take out insurance or they get bills too.

True.. But the bill would be literally one tenth as large. The problem with the US system is that it is beyond overpriced.. Like if you go in the hospital there for a couple of days and get handed a bill for 25000 dollars. They will reduce it to 16000 if you pay as you leave. The same bill in Canada would cost you about 2-3k. In total.
Hence the reason for the success of Maury Povich.. A DNA test in this country is 600 dollars.. In the USA it is 5000

the philanthropic Forzani also donated his brain to the Canadian Sports Concussion Project in order to help assist future generations of athletes.
The entire Forzani family are more than just ex- football players, they are a Canadian institution of role models we can only hope to emulate..

[u]John Forzani’s brain donated to the Canadian Sports Concussion Project[/u]

[b]For John Forzani, it was an easy decision to make.

For science, and the possibility of preventing others from damaging their brains, the former Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman chose to donate his to researchers studying the effects of head trauma in Canadian Football League players.

It was a selfless act by the 67-year-old Calgarian, who died last week after suffering a heart attack in Palm Springs, Calif. The donation was something Forzani had talked about doing in order to assist the Canadian Sports Concussion Project and future athletes.

Bark (former teammate) added that he knew Forzani had suffered concussions playing on the Stampeders’ offensive line from 1971-76. Bark would know best because he played centre right next to Forzani for six seasons.
“I remember one game John got hit hard and his helmet broke. We didn’t have another one, so he continued to play with it. He was glassy-eyed after the game,? Bark said in the news release. “And who knows what the effects were??

Several former CFL players have donated their brains to the project, including Tony Proudfoot, Jay Roberts, Bobby Kuntz, Peter Ribbins, Bill Frank, Jeffrey Croonen, Cookie Gilchrist, Ted Toogood and Bryan Illerbrun. There have also been anonymous donors.

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Could not have said it better tangledweb! :thup: