Former Rough Riders Owner Horn Chen Dies

Surprised, I didn't realize he was quite that old.

Horn Chen, who owned the Ottawa Rough Riders for two seasons – 1995-96 – died on Monday in Illinois. He was 83.

While owning the Rough Riders, Chen was invisible – he never saw the team play – and at the time, the Ottawa Sun hired a private detective to find him to make sure there actually was a Horn Chen. Turns out he was real and he admitted in an interview later that he “made a mistake? by buying a CFL team. Horn also owned the rights to the name, Rough Riders.

Chen, a minority owner of the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets, owned several minor-league hockey teams along the way, founding the Central Hockey League in 1992.

While he owned the Rough Riders, the team finished with a record of 3-15 both seasons, before folding Nov. 6 of 1996 with Revenue Canada freezing the franchise's assets.

Did Chen still own the name and logo ? For some reason, I remember hearing that Ithe CFL or OSEG had re-aquired the Rough Riders name and logo. Anyone know ?

I thought the league had acquired it too.

To my recollection, Horn Chen does still own the RR rights and Logo plus team uniforms and equipment.
He was holding it up for $150K ransom the year before the Renegades came to play.

I believe Hunt wanted to buy it back but the cry-babies out in Saskatchewan (who stole our name in the first place) wont let TWO teams play with the same team nickname, so he never perused it further and here came the REDBLACKS 8)

Nope. You're wrong. CFL owns it.

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well there you have it 8)