Former 'Riders Doing Well

I enjoyed watching Armstead return that kick for a touchdown today. Even more I was happy about the outcome of the game. Now let's see if Hamilton and Toronto can do as well as the 'Bombers. :slight_smile:

Dominque Dorsey, another former 'Rider, is having a heck of a season for the Argonauts as well. Too bad the 'Riders can't seem to get their kick return game going though Dressler is doing OK for them in that category.

I, too, was happy for him. Of course, I wondered out loud why he didn't do that for us in his last couple of years with us, but oh well ... :cry:

Jovon Johnson, Jamal Richardson, Reggie Hunt, and Rotarius Robinson have also done well this year.

Jason French, Corey Holmes, and Airabin Justin have fallen off the map.

funny how Dorsey couldn't catch on with us... yet he's doing superb in Toronto... :roll:

Dorsey is proof that a player has to be playing in a system that allows them to display their talents. Dorsey was decent in Saskatchewan; he just didn't excel in the system played here. No one's fault, just an acknowledgment that a person has to be in the right place, at the right time!

Both Armstead and Dorsey didn’t succeed here because Alex Smith does not create good blocking schemes.

He never has in my view.