Former Rider QB, Colt Brennan arrested

From TMZ:

[i]Colt Brennan - a 2007 Heisman Trophy finalist - was arrested for DUI in Hawaii this morning ... and cops say drugs were involved.

The former University of Hawaii star quarterback - who later spent a couple of disappointing years in the NFL - was arrested at 11:50 PM Wednesday.

According to, the 28-year-old was busted for suspicion of drunken driving and promotion of a dangerous drug in the third degree -- aka drug possession.

It is unclear what kind of drug Colt is accused of possessing.[/i]

You can see his mug shot at that link.

Im guessing Maui Wowie lol

The guy was a Rider for like 10 days... :lol:

Not really CFL news he was from the old book of imports NFL vets who thought the CFL was going to be a breeze never thinking he would be in this position knew nothing aboute the CFL and was surprised in an interview that the CFL had 20 yard endzones. He hadnt played a game since 2009 and did not even hook on to an arena team to get into football shape he was the first rider QB to go. Just was not prepared will most likely get a chance in the UFL if it should happen but will have the same results if he is not prepared. If he wants back he better begin to work out and hit the arena circuit for some much needed football tune up

I just find the downward spiral depressing. Colt has had a rough go of it really...the bad car accident put his career on hold, and the fact that he had such a devastating car accident makes it surprising he would drive in an altered condition...He did state that he was confused as to why he was originally arrested as he apparently passed the field sobriety test , but they still brought him in on suspicion.

I agree but DUI’s and players are dealt with all the time. He is stilll fairly young and a good arm and QB good not great. It would be nice to see him just go to the Arena league where they house and eat together play together and get a small salary. The Arena league has relly found its niche as it is like playing in college with Football as your major and no other classes to attend.
It has helped several former NFL players who took some time their after the UFL went down and are now in a good position on a CFL roster. Colt could be one of those guys

Longer than that - signed at the end of February and his signing did get a lot of media attention.